Yellow and Gray Wedding

Oh how I love the colors of yellow and gray, especially when these colors are paired together. I originally wanted my wedding colors to be yellow and gray, and then thought to myself that people think of me as 'pink' and the hotel has pink as their accent color, so I will just go with pink. Maybe for my 2nd wedding I will do the colors yellow and gray. hehe...

Source: Sweet Little Photographs
Source: Stephanie Williams Photography
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Source: Nina Cecilia Creative Spark
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Sourc: KaLice Events
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Happy Wedding!

Life's a Cabaret

One of the things I love most about weddings is the fact that its another excuse to use confetti! Everyone loves confetti! It just says p-a-r-t-y. The best part of if confetti, is that it comes in a variety of colors: green, purple, orange, hot pink; any color that matches your wedding. You can even get eco-friendly confetti (click here)! Clearly there is no downside of confetti. Here are a few photos that may inspire you to have a little confetti at your wedding.

Source: Coco Kelley
Source: Oh Happy Day
Source: Modern Cupcake

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Paint Chip Inspiration

Source: You Are My Fav

You can get inspiration anywhere, one of my favorite places to get inspiration is at the local hardware store. By using paint chips, you can get color inspiration for your wedding. This is a great trick. Here you will have all the colors of the rainbow at the tips of your fingers, where you can see exactly the color that represents your wedding day. Do you think your wedding is represents a red and blue wedding day? Or is your wedding gray and yellow?

Here are a few other ideas that may inspire you to go to the hardware store today.

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Source: My Hands Made It
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Source: Quite Like It

Sunny Side Up Flowers

Yellow is Happy, Yellow is Joy, Yellow is everything that says delight. Here are a few photos I posted a few weeks ago on Wedding Wedding that shows off all the joys and delight in Yellow Floral Arrangements. Enjoy!

Source: Stephanie Williams Photography

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Source: Ashley's Bride Guide

Source: Four Winds Weddings

Source: Jen Huang Photography

Happy Weddings :)

Customer Appreciation Photo!

A very special bride sent me this photo of her on her wedding day, last week. This totally made my day. I adore it when brides send me photos of their wedding day. Its one of the best feelings ever! Rebekah recently got married on October 22nd, 2011 in Knoxville, TN. She made a gorgeous bride and couldn't look prettier! Congratulations Rebekah and Todd, Happy Marriage!

Rebekah is wearing my "Sunshine Yellow Corsage Sash" from my shop: Pinktea6

My Inspirational Yellow

I was browsing on the web and found these 2 images, I was so inspired by it's vintage quality/appeal and yellow color tones, I had to do a blog post on it. The images above are really quite lovely, don't you think? They look like its taken straight out of the book "Anne of Green Gables." Too Sweet!

Source: Arina B Photography

Source: Naturalist Collection

Source: Arina B Photography

Source: Wedding Wire

Sourcee: Orange Turtle Blog
Source: Vintage Wedding Invitations

Source: Ruffled Blog

Source: Chest of Books

Source: Amoronia

Source: Tumblr

Does anyone recognize this screen shot? I do! I do! Its taken straight off of Gilmore Girls. Remember when Luke proposed to Lorelai with 10,000 daises? It was one of the most romantic things that was ever wrote on television.

Source: Go Ask Avery

Happy Wedding :)

Poppy Red, Mustard Yellow, And Kelly Green

I was wondering about ways to make weddings more interesting with color. Then, I thought about it. Most couples insist on having only 1 color to accent their wedding. What if you were going to pick 3 colors for your wedding? After you see these inspiration photos, you just might decide on having the colors of poppy red, mustard yellow and kelly green for your wedding.

Source: The Antique Door
Source: Touch of Europe
Source: Mackenzie Pages
Source: My Sweet and Saucy
Source: Shannon Gail
Source: Where To Get Engaged
Source: The Antique Door
Source: Charley Star Photography

Wedding Showcase: Emily + Ryan's Wedding

Bride: Emily Lauren Hatch                       
Groom: Ryan Lee Shola
Occupation: Emily - design consultant/sales, Ryan - project manager           
Date of Wedding: October 9, 2010         
Location: The Farmhouse Inn at Hundred Acre Farm
Photographer: Simply Bloom Photography
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Our favorite movie is Stepbrothers…not really romantic! Our favorite wedding movie would have to be Wedding Crashers…we love funny movies!

Inspiration for your Wedding? My Mom passed away or breast cancer about 3 years ago…before she did, she told me that she dreamnt that Ryan and I would get married under a big oak tree with a chandelier hanging from it. After she passed away, we were engaged about a year and a half later. I googled oak tree venues and found the Farmhouse…I knew it was the place. After visiting it, I was in love!

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve? I wanted greens, greys, and some pops of mustard yellow.

Any DIY projects, you loved the most? I loved our candy buffet and favors. They were so fun to make and turned out so cute! 

Any Bridezilla moments while the planning process? The one and only advantage to paying for your own wedding is that you get to do whatever you want! I made all the decisions from day 1! About 10 minutes before the wedding I started to freak out that some last minute details hadn’t been finished and no one could calm me down!

Thoughts on the final outcome?  Our wedding turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined. The planning all came to an end and it was a laid-back, beautiful event. I had so much fun and remember every single moment of the night. I re-play it in my head all the time and it always makes me smile!

Are you glad its over?  We are so glad it’s over! I loved the planning---hated the paying! Weddings are ridiculous expensive!
 A Special Thanks to Emily + Ryan for sharing their special day with us!