Remember these TV Weddings?

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Top 10: Best TV Weddings:

1. Ross and Emily ("Friends")
2. Andy and April ("Parks and Recreation")
3. Rhoda and Joe ("Rhoda")
4. Amanda and Prince Michael ("Dynasty")
5. Awesome and Ellie ("Chuck")
6. Mike and Carol ("The Brady Bunch")
7. Jimmy and Chloe ("Smallville")
 8. Zack and Kelly ("Saved By the Bell")
9. Alex and Izzie ("Grey's Anatomy")
10. Lily and Marshall ("How I Met Your Mother")

On a recent Yahoo entertainment article, writer Angel Cohn compiled a list of the Top 10 Best TV's Weddings.  Although, many of these weddings are memorable, are they the best? In my opinion, some are and some aren't. I'm not sure if I can make a top 10 list on the spot, but I can name 5 weddings right now that are on the top of my list: Friends (Ross + Emily), General Hospital (Luke + Laura), Brady Bunch (Mike + Carol), 90210 (David + Donna) and Friends (Chandler + Monica).

What weddings do you think would make a list?

Happy Wedding :)