This past Friday, I had posted this photo. Since then I was so inspired that I wanted to gather wedding inspiration photos based on it. Fireworks are so fun! When you see fireworks, you always know its a event event or moment in town. So why not have fireworks at your wedding?

Source: Perfect Bucklet List

Source: Unknown
Source: Paratinovia
Source: Stephanie Williams Photography
Source: Three Nails Photography
Source: Terrys Diary
Source: Plum Pretty Sugar

Photo Inspiration: Cookies or Ornaments?

Source: Your Vintage Wedding

I found this photo online, and isn't it darling? I first thought that these would make great vintage inspired ornaments for the holiday Christmas Tree. Then I thought, how could I incorporate these ornaments for a wedding. Maybe by having guests write a message to the bride and groom and then hang the ornaments on a wishing tree? And then I realized, that these weren't ornaments, they are cookies! How cool is that? They are so adorable, that I don't think I could eat these. I'd probably still hang them on a 'cookie' tree at a dessert buffet at a wedding. What do you think?

Happy Wedding :)

Cupcake Gallery

I adore cupcakes. Don't we all? I decided to gather some cupcake inspirations photographs in my attempt to persuade you in a cupcake wedding cake? Well, actually, I really just want to inspire people to eat and enjoy cupcakes! What do you think? Do these cupcakes look delicious or what?

Source: Go Figurette
Source: Marlein Overakker

Source: Pin Interest

Source: Marlein Overakker

Source: Pin Interest

Source: Julia Lane Photography

Source: For All I Know, You Know

Source: Alex Beadon Photography

Source: Amara Dolcezza

Source: We Heart It

Source: So Cute Things

Source: Unique Baby Gear Ideas

Source: Charmed Event Planning

Happy Wedding :)

Post Updated: August 15, 2011

View Finder

Source: Beamish Photography
 Weeks ago I had written a blog post I was most excited about on Wedding Window. I am happy to say that today is that day that my blog post went live!

Source: Sara Gray Photography

"Does anyone remember their beloved View-Master toy as a child? This classic toy is making a comeback! These fun View-Masters are making their way into the wedding world. Many couples are incorporating the classic toy into their own weddings as fun detail  … and a way to customize!"

A View Master is a magical thing, don't you think? I simply loved them when I was growing up. (actually, I still do). I am simply infatuated the idea of stereo photography (having 2 lens on your camera) which is kinda what a view master is to make your photo look 3-D. I even bought one off ebay, I love them so much!

Shop Update:

We just finished this adorable Wedding Sign for a customer. Isn't it cute? This wooden sign took many painstaking long hours to create, which included designing, sealing, engraving, and coating yet again with another sealer. The sign is actually a blown up version of the wedding invitation to be used as a decor item at the wedding (this weekend!!!!) What do you think about the final project? Good enough for a wedding?

Happy Wedding :)

Photo Inspiration: Muscari Designs

Happy Friday! I saw this beautiful photo, and I must say, my jaw dropped! This photo is sooo pretty, it makes me want to have a wedding again. Or at the very least, a pretty pretty princess tea party... Now wouldn't that be the most loveliest of tea parties?

The photograph is from Muscari Design (Designer Easter Yu). However, I cannot find a direct link to her shop anymore. If you know it, please be kind and let me know. Enjoy!

99 Red Balloons

I just love Balloons! Especially at parties! Balloons are just about the most festive thing that one can add to a event to make it a party. Why not add it to your wedding day? Here are a few inspiration weddings and engagement photos that may inspire your wedding day.

Source: Gemmer Photography

Source: Kelly Horn Berger

Source: Gordon Gossip

Source: Kelly Oshiro Events
Source: Best Hudson Valley Wedding Ever

Source: Hey Gorg
Source: Holladay Weddings

Source: Jacinda Russell Art

Knitting Parties

Today I put together a collection,  of yarn / crochet wedding inspiration photos. I love me a good crochet doily! It always seems to bring out my inner grandma.... Enjoy!

Source: One Fab Day

Source: A Wooden Nest

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Source: Nibs Blog
Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Source: I Love Yo Yo (via Etsy)
Source: Pet Dog Online

Source: Katy Elliott
Source: Once Wed

Happy Wedding :)

Photo Inspiration: Vintage Wedding Dress

Source: Bianca Vintage

Lately, I've been obsessed about vintage clothes, especially vintage wedding dresses! Today, I'm going to show readers one reason why brides might want to think about wearing a vintage dress... I'll give you a hint: Because its beautiful! And romantic! Well, that's two reasons, you can clearly see why. This photo is inspired. The lace accents add just the right amount of fairytale story to your wedding day. Don't you agree?

Happy Wedding :)

Wizard of Oz Wedding

Source: Choco Studio

Most brides and grooms who decide on doing a storybook wedding pick tales such Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. If I had to choose a theme for a wedding that was based off a children’s book, I would create a Wizard of Oz wedding! Not only is the Wizard of Oz is a classic story, its one of the greatest movies of all time. 
(Seriously, I think I watched it like 3 times a day when I was growing up… hehhe…) 
A Wizard of Oz would be the most memorable wedding of all time; can you imagine walking down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ wearing ruby red slippers? Sounds perfect right? You can even tie in some yellow bricks, tin cans and some haystacks to finish off the theme. If thinking of locations for a Oz themed wedding, why not have it at a park (to tie in the emerald green) or even a apple orchid (remember the apple throwing scene when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow?), Enjoy!

Source: Breguetpm
Source: Borrowed and Bleu
Source: Green Wedding Shoes
Source: Savoir Weddings
Source: A Los Angeles Love
Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Source: A Recessionista Ties the Knot
Source:Ohh My Michelle
Source: Concrete And Lullabies
Source: Rustic Country Folksy
Source: Wedding Window
Source: Amber Engfer Photography

Source: Project Wedding
Source: Postcards And Pretties

Source: Alla Twitter

Happy Planning  :)

My Coworker's Wedding

A few weeks ago, we were guests at my coworker's wedding. We are every happy for the both of them and wish them the most love a couple could have. The wedding took place in the OC near disneyland.. secretly we just wanted to leave early so we could go play with Mickey. heheh.. However, that didn't happy and we had a lovely time as expected. Here are a few photos that we wanted to share:

Ceremony Aisle Flowers

Of course, I needed to take a photo of my beloved Emerson Made Purse!

And of course Daniel needed to take a photo of his beloved Canon 7D

Signing the Guest Book

Pretty Packaged Chocolates for the guests!

Votive Candles set the mood

The most important part of a Wedding
Mr. Wedding Day Tree playing Photographer

Happy Wedding Day :)