Too Pretty to eat. ( Cake Pops )

Source: Luxurious Wedding Favors
Life has been so busy lately! Doing the Design Office Job and Evening Etsy Job is making my life no fun... well, actually, I love it! But I would like to have more time to got out to dinner and  see a few movies.. But that's a catch 22, isn't it? Can't go out to dinner if I don't have any money, which I need to work to get! Dang. Being a responsible grown up is hard work!

This photo is one of my favorites! Not only is it adorably cute, but it also looks delicious! To see other cake pop inspiration photos, go to my original post on Wedding Window.


Hello All! I am just so excited to share with you that I just won $500 over at Wedding Window! Hurray! Do you remember that a week ago I said I was busy writing blogs for this website, so I took a few days off from blogging? Well, all my hard blogging work as paid off and I won the the blogging contest that Wedding Window was hosting. I found out a week ago, but they finally announced the winner today! How cool is that?

" Hello Bloggers!
Our 2011 Blogger contest ended last week and we’ve tallied up the results!  We have our winner!  The blogger who submitted the most posts since April is TRACIE FONG!!  Congratulations Tracie!
Thank you to all bloggers who participated in the contest!  We appreciate your hard work and the wonderful ideas and inspiration you provide to our readers.  We’ll be hosting another contest in the coming months, so stay tuned!
Enjoy the rest of the Summer!  We hope to be reading more from you all soon :)
Warm Regards,
The Wedding Window Team"

View Finder

Source: Beamish Photography
 Weeks ago I had written a blog post I was most excited about on Wedding Window. I am happy to say that today is that day that my blog post went live!

Source: Sara Gray Photography

"Does anyone remember their beloved View-Master toy as a child? This classic toy is making a comeback! These fun View-Masters are making their way into the wedding world. Many couples are incorporating the classic toy into their own weddings as fun detail  … and a way to customize!"

A View Master is a magical thing, don't you think? I simply loved them when I was growing up. (actually, I still do). I am simply infatuated the idea of stereo photography (having 2 lens on your camera) which is kinda what a view master is to make your photo look 3-D. I even bought one off ebay, I love them so much!

Vintage Cake Toppers!

Source: Handle with Care Studio

I dislike modern cake toppers. I had no clue that I hated modern cake toppers when I was getting married. LOL I searched for months to find a cake topper that wasn't a monogram or a comedic ceramic figurine. I feel those have been seen enough at weddings (that is my personal opinion for my own bridezilla wedding). In the end, I decided not to have a cake topper. LOL After months of planning, I just gave up. Now, I wish I could do that part of the wedding over again, because I finally decided what I liked about cake toppers... (almost 2 years after the wedding) ...

I discovered that I loved vintage cake toppers! hehe! A few weeks ago I had written a blog post for Wedding Window, with the topic of vintage cake toppers. It's a little too late for me, but at least I can try to inspire other brides on finding their love for vintage cake toppers!

Happy Wedding :)

When to Say Yes to the Dress

Source: Magpie Jewellery

Recently, I'd had written a blog post on Wedding Window Blog on the topic of knowing when to stop shopping for a wedding dress. This is a very a hard step to do for many brides. Brides tend to over think and obsess about their wedding dress (even if they already purchased a wedding dress, brides still continue to shop). I think that the no. 1 reason why brides have trouble stopping is that all brides want to find that 'perfect' wedding dress. And no. 2, it's just so dang fun! From experience, when I was planning my wedding I had trouble not looking at wedding dresses in magazines, because I always thought that I could have a better dress. I made a point to try to remember that the dresses in wedding magazines would be out of my budget, and forced myself to stop wondering. After the wedding, I was most happy with my dress and it was as lovely as when I first tried it on at the bridal salon. To see pictures of my wedding dress, refer to my own Wedding Showcase.

Happy Wedding :)

Secret Garden Wedding

Source: Wedding Chicks
I had recently written a blog post for Wedding Window. The topic? Garden Weddings. I think I quite in love with the collection of inspiration photos gathered in this post. It tells of a romantic fairy tale wedding with butterflies, vintage furniture and picnic games. Very Alice in Wonderland if you ask me.

Pet Lovers

Source: My Wedding via John Li Photography
Recently, I posted a blog on Wedding Window blog, which talked about how much pet owner love their pets. Many pet owners care for tehir pets so much, that they see them as children, not animals. They are part of the family. (I know I do! I heart my 2 lovable puppies!). I think many people agree, their are many weddings that have their pet in the wedding party. --- I wasn't the only one! --- click on my past blog post to read/see all the wedding photos I found with pets!

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