Follow Up:

A few blog posts ago, I had posted options on which "Happily Ever After" Sign appeals the most to you.

There were 3 Options:

The bride and finalized her decision on Option # 1 (for those who were curious). However, I have come to like Option # 2 very much. So much, that I am now offering it in the shop! Here's how Option #2 turned out, (My husband and I worked late into the late working/engraving option #1 for our customer, that I completely forgot to photograph it :( Sorry!... but at least you can see the sign chosen for the shop!).

Renaissance Wedding

This weekend is the last weekend of the Renaissance Faire in the southern California area. A few weeks ago, we attended the fair, and enjoyed all the old ye' tourist attractions and the food! I must say I love the food! Fair food always seems to taste better! Anyways, At the fair I snapped some shots of a renaissance wedding chapel! Oh how cute! Sadly, there was no renaissance wedding going on when we were there, but I decided to show some photos from that day. Enjoy!

Entrance sign of the fair grounds.. Love it! It looks like a summer camp.

Entrance to the Renaissance Wedding Chapel

I am loving the wooden benches! This would be lovely for a outdoor wedding, don't you think?

At the fair, there were thousands of ribbons! They were used as ribbon chandeliers to adorn the trees.

And they were used as ribbon garlends for the fences. I love this idea! It can easily be made into a wedding project, don't you?

Happy Wedding :)