Shop Update:

It seems like we no longer have a social life... haha... this past summer we have been busy as bees trying to develop new products, making sales and trying our best to get the blog and wedding shop business started. Here are a few products that we worked on over the summer. What do you think? I wish I had more time to post new products. Every time I get close to listing something new, shop sales, errands, and everything else gets in the way. I hope when fall comes, I'll get more time to work on the wedding shop!

Happy Wedding :)

Etsy Shop: Using Old Family Photos

I worked on posting a new item on our Wedding Day Tree Shop (in between waking up @ 3am on Saturday morning to catch a 6am flight to Salt Lake City, coming back at 11pm the same day, and celebrating our niece's 100th day birthday on Sunday morning). This item is aimed for the guys out there, however I hope that everyone will enjoy it. We design some humorous quote bubble magnets. What do you think?

I decided to show off these magnets by using some old family photos as inspirations. I'm hoping it will present old vintage feel, of which I try to portray in all of our products in the shop.

 This old family photo is of my Uncle on Christmas Day. You can see he is a happy boy getting a new (now classic) Batmobile... how lucky was he?

 This photograph is actually pretty new --- made to look vintage. Taken in 2009 at our wedding. These boys were playing with these rings that had a red laser in them (courtesy of my aunt), I guess toys these days are upgraded, don't you agree?

This is another old family photo of my Aunts, when they are little. I actually think I look like the one of the right. I swear I have a old family photo of myself, and I looked exactly like that! Or maybe it's because I too, had a rice bowl hair cut.

Follow Up:

A few blog posts ago, I had posted options on which "Happily Ever After" Sign appeals the most to you.

There were 3 Options:

The bride and finalized her decision on Option # 1 (for those who were curious). However, I have come to like Option # 2 very much. So much, that I am now offering it in the shop! Here's how Option #2 turned out, (My husband and I worked late into the late working/engraving option #1 for our customer, that I completely forgot to photograph it :( Sorry!... but at least you can see the sign chosen for the shop!).

Blog Update:

This past has been jam packed with work! I've been super busy at the office (my full time job as an graphic designer) and have been busy with my Etsy life. Thankfully the weekend came (hurray!) and then it left! (darn) Now it's back to work...

The photo above is just because I updated the blog layout again. :) I keep debating my blog design on how I showed layout my side bar. I finally decided on what to do: Use Giant Icons to link to our Facebook Fan Page & Twitter, etc... I also added in the our followers again.. What do you think?

I am also working on an Etsy Job to make a Wedding Sign. What do you think? Which option do you like? I am liking option #2. Can you choose which option, even though I designed all of them? LOL... It's like I would show an option I didn't like....

Happy Wedding :)

Happy Friday

Things have been crazy lately! We've been super busy professionally and in personal life. It seems that there are not enough hours in a day! Mr. Wedding Day Tree and I will be heading out of town this weekend (in time for the big LA 405 fwy closure ---- if you live in the Southern CA area)...

Here are a few photos of project recently for the shop. Project: Wishing Tree Tags! for a big birthday celebration... Cute Idea, Yes?