Wedding Day Tree Company Brander

Recently, I purchased a custom brander for the shop, and I am quite excited about it. I purchased the brander from this site. This company was very, very helpful! and Terry (the owner) was so very helpful in answering all of my many questions! The branding iron is electric, and heats up just like a curling iron. So no fire is need to create branding, which is the best part! I need more practice, but I cannot wait to start stamping our company name on everything! hehe!

Blog Update:

Option: 1

Option: 2

I am currently designing a "Wedding Showcase" web page, to link to the 'real weddings' side button. At first, I wanted to use a square grid and decided to use vintage photo frames (option 1) to display each wedding. After I finished, I decided that the square grid seemed too busy and I went to a new direction of design. I think that the design is kinda repetitive, with the Etsy Shop icons on the right side of the screen.

The second option is of canvas textured ribbon and actual picture frames (which also goes with the 'real weddings' side button. I still have to decide which layout I like the best, but what do you think? Do you like (option 1) or (option 2)? 

Free Resource

Many bride and grooms look for new ways to 'conserve' the wedding fund. With so many things to purchase for the wedding, Save the Date cards are always last on your minds. To help you with your budget woes, here is a free Save the Date Post Card Design. These Save the Date beauties are for the quirky brides of have a fair for a mod vintage style. Just add your own wedding info to the back, print at home and mail out. You may also upload this artwork to printing websites for overnightprints or 48hourprint.

You may download the artwork here: (if you need any help, don't be shy. Just ask)

download PDF here

Happy Wedding :)

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Once, you RSS to Wedding Day Tree, We'll email you a coupon code to use at Pinktea6's Etsy Shop.

Happy Wedding :)

Happy National Pancake Day!

Although its off the topic of weddings, we at the Wedding Day Tree team care about our readers.... We want them to be happy... and we can't think of anything that makes people as happy as Pancakes!!! (well.... except bacon)...

Today is National Pancake Day and IHOP (my favorite place) is giving away free pancakes all day! In giving you a sweet and delicious meal, in return, IHOP asks if customers can consider to donate to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and other designated local charities. Isn't this a sweet deal? You can get good eats and do some good to help at the same time!

Happy Wedding :)

Sweet Cake Stands

Cake Stands are making a ultimate comeback. In the past cake stands were traditionally known as something your grandmother would use at a tea party. Now a days, cake stands are something that can be cherished. Cake stands are very versatile and good looking! They can easily be used as a practical item to hold cakes and other delicious treats. Cake stands can easily be transitioned into a wedding. I mean, really? Can it get any easier than this? Cake stands are classic and beautifully crafted, they come in a variety of colors and can be used at a wedding for candy or desert buffet!

Look below for some cake stand stand inspiration for your wedding!



Wedding Day Trees

As my first wedding blog post, I thought I would take my name of the blog (and future new shop) into inspiration for some decor ideas for your wedding. "Wedding Day Tree" what does this mean? Is it like a Christmas tree? With wedding presents under it? We can only hope. Until we discover the answer to what a Wedding Day Tree is, Here are some lovely inspiration ideas on how to incorporate a Wedding Day Tree into your wedding:

Happy Wedding :)