Wedding Preview: Dorian + David

My sweet coworker Dorian recently got married, to her boyfriend David in San Francisco (in April). When I saw her wedding photos, I just said "Awe." Her wedding seemed so endearing and loving. Dorian and David had an small and intimate ceremony at a lovely backyard of a family member. Dorian's Wedding showcase will be posted soon, but for now here is a sneak peek.

Dorian's wedding photographer is Irja Elisa. While we wait for the official wedding photos the two photo's shown (above) is Irja's. Aren't these lovely? I cannot wait to see the rest of them but for now at least we can admire these photos. All other photos were taken from Dorian's friends and family members, which are still pretty dang good, if you ask me. 

A Downton Abbey Wedding

Source: Novelasymas
Does anyone watch Downton Abbey? If you don't you should. It is a fantastic period piece television show based in the early 1900's. The show is about the social class system, which deals with the upper class system and the lower class system (in this case, the servants). Well, enough about the show, I didn't tell you the best part of the show, all the absolutely gorgeous fashion! The costume design is breath-taking, full of stunning early century dresses with lots of beading and velvet!

There are 2 main character in the show, that have a love interest: Matthew and Mary. If these 2 characters ever end up together, I wonder what their wedding will entail? Maybe it'll be something like this:
Source: Old Rags
Source: Bhldn
Source: Bhldn
Source: Stacy Able Photography
Source: Jenny Haas Photography
Source: Vintage Rose Garden
Source: Wildflowers Photography
Source: Styled by Anne Sage for the CIty Sage Blog
Source: Nouveau Glam Events
Happy Wedding :)

Follow Up:

A few blog posts ago, I had posted options on which "Happily Ever After" Sign appeals the most to you.

There were 3 Options:

The bride and finalized her decision on Option # 1 (for those who were curious). However, I have come to like Option # 2 very much. So much, that I am now offering it in the shop! Here's how Option #2 turned out, (My husband and I worked late into the late working/engraving option #1 for our customer, that I completely forgot to photograph it :( Sorry!... but at least you can see the sign chosen for the shop!).

Straws and Stripes

I just love the oh so trendy stripe straws that are all the rage for parties and weddings. They are whimiscal with a old fashion flair. Here are a collection of photos of stripe straws that may inspire you to add these lil straws to your wedding.

Source: Paper N Stitch

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Clayton Austin Love Stories

Source: Tamryn Kirby

Source: June Berry Lane

Source: Love and Lavender
Source: Paper Mash

Source: Southern Weddings

Source: Meredith Perdue

Happy Wedding :)