Golden Locket

I think, I'm desperately in need of a gold vintage locket. I've been obsessed with them lately. I really want one, but I can never decide what to get or if it is the 'right' locket for me. Heheh... Isn't that silly? But  really I think out of all the jewelry out there, even engagement + wedding rings, a locket is the most personable piece of jewelry out there. It represents who you are, your name, and who you may love. Here are a few lockets I found on Etsy. They are a few that I think I want to buy myself! heheh.

Source: On The Road Vintage
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Heart Vintage
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Micky Chase Jewelry
Source: Stella Saves The Day
Source: Stella Saves The Day
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Vintage In Bloom
Source: Silk Purse Sows Ear

Wedding Outfits: Inspiration

I tend to heart/admire many wedding items on Etsy. I don't know whether it's because it just appeals to me, or whether it inspires my wedding shop's product line. Either way, I know that I am not planning a wedding, so I find it rather funny. I gathered some of my favorite things on Etsy, to create some inspiration boards. Even though, I'm not planning a wedding, I think I still want to get all of these things!

Kateszabone (Raw Cut Diamond Ring) 
Longbarn Mercantile (Chalk Board)
The Peppermint Pretty (Wedding Dress)

Carol Hannah (Violet Dress)
Jean Jean Vintage (JFK Locket)
Which Goose (Mini Purse Necklace)
oOlive (Flower Ruffles Dress) 

Apple & Ivy (Shoe Clips)
Dear Golden (Blue Berry Hat)
Amor Dress (White Dress)
Honey Tree (Art Print)

Happy Wedding :)

Photo Inspiration: Vintage Wedding Dress

Source: Bianca Vintage

Lately, I've been obsessed about vintage clothes, especially vintage wedding dresses! Today, I'm going to show readers one reason why brides might want to think about wearing a vintage dress... I'll give you a hint: Because its beautiful! And romantic! Well, that's two reasons, you can clearly see why. This photo is inspired. The lace accents add just the right amount of fairytale story to your wedding day. Don't you agree?

Happy Wedding :)

Flea Market Finds

I love going to flea markets! I simply love going to find weird and unique objects that can be used to decorate, used as props for photos and of course decor items in weddings! There are a ton of inspirational goodies that can be used for decorate weddings. All for only a few bucks? What a deal! The hard part isn't finding these items.

I think the hard part of shopping for wedding supplies at flea markets is trying to think of inspirational and creative ideas that can utilize the cool objects you find. I decided to gather a few inspiration wedding photos for various sites, and see what I can find at the flea market to create the same idea in your own wedding.

The are so many possibilities at one can find at a flea market, can you think of any I may of missed?

Inspiration Source: Thoughtfully Simple  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Elite Bridal Concierge  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Little Birdie Secrets  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Choparder  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Retro Romance

A very fun trend is happening in weddings, weddings are going retro! … I have to say, I absolutely love this trend! It’s fun, creative, and playful. Retro weddings are all the rage. Girls and boys are in love with vintage things everywhere, in clothing, décor and now weddings! I am jumping on this bandwagon and showing you a collection of inspiration weddings…. Enjoy!

Source: Your Best Wedding

Source: Cachic Design

Happy Wedding :)

Vintage White

I am addicted to finding Vintage white dresses at the moment.. I secretly wish i could have another, wedding just so I can play dress up again... hehhe... Wearing a vintage wedding dress is a lovely idea for your wedding. Think about it, its cost effective, something old already, and the dress has a story to tell.. If wearing a vintage wedding dress on our wedding day isn't your thing, try wearing a vintage white dress for a wedding event, maybe a bridal shower or a engagement party? Possibilities are endless...

All of these beauties can easily be purchased from Etsy, and prices? Practically a steal…

Happy Wedding :)