Happy Anniversary!

Today's our 2 year wedding anniversary and 10 year anniversary of the day we met.

How we met:

(in Daniel's words): Something just kept pushing me to apply as Resident Advisor at the dorms, but I had little chance because I never dormed before. Somehow, I was accepted to be the RA for the 2001-2002 school year.  I knew then that something real special was going to happen that year.  Never
did I imagine I would find Tracie.

It was the first day residents were allowed to move in the dorms.  The welcome leaders were doing most of the work while the resident advisors were supervising (pretending to work).  I was sitting down relaxing while everyone was busy helping people get into the dorms. My friend Jet, who was a welcome leader, came and sat next to me.  We discussed few things here and there.  It was when Tracie first walked in the front door.

That date was… 09-19-01…

(In My Own Words:) Liked Daniel said, we met during my first year at Cal Poly (*tear* ~ i love my Cal Poly Years!!!) The actual first day we met was September 19th, 2001. It was the Day before my first day of college, which is why I can probably remember it. For a pre-college orientation called "Welcome Week" freshman students were allowed to move into the dorms early. There were also activities such as games, tours and so forth to entertain the new students. On the last day of Welcome Week, the campus held a “Carnival Day” with small game tables, club booths and etc… I was going to go there with a group of all the new friends I met at Welcome Week. And one girl named Benita, told us that morning, she had gotten locked out of her dorm room, and one of the R.A’s (Resident Advisor) had opened her room door for her. And to thank him, she wanted to get him cotton candy. At the Carnival, all Benita kept saying that she wanted to get the RA some Cotton Candy….blah blah blah…which we got, however on the way back to the dorms the cotton candy, some insects had flown into that cotton candy, and we ended up throwing it away. hahahah …. LOL… Any how, when we went with Benita to meet the R.A. and all I remember after that was Benita explaining the whole story (which took way longer then the time it took me to tell you…) and the R.A looked like he stopped listening half way through the story… hahah… (I would too, its not that interesting)… LONG STORY SHORT: that R.A was Daniel!

For Our wedding Anniversary:

Besides working, we are having dinner at The Taste of Acadia, we tend not to go all out for anniversaries; but this year, we are trying something new. The location of this event is actually at the same location where took our engagement photos. Exciting, huh? Anyhow, to help celebrate our anniversary on the blogger-sphere here is a wedding video I made last year of our wedding day. I took the video clips from our friend Isauro, who was our videographer for the big day. Hope you like it.

Happy Anniversary Daniel!