Shop Update: STAMPS!

Soon in the Shop, we'll be offering custom and ready-to-ship stamps on our store envy + etsy shops. This isn't your regular grandmother's stamp. It's not a rubber stamp, but instead a flash stamp. It will be offered in a pre-inked stamp, in the ink colors of black, red and blue. These stamps have a much more even ink distribution/stamp impressions, and can last to up to: 20,000 impressions.  We are very excited about this new business adventure! So many possibilities to come! :) We received our new stamp equipment and supplies this week, and today was the first day we got to experiment and make samples. To start, we made a Wedding Day Tree QR Code Stamp. It was kinda fun to create the sample stamps. We cannot wait to add them to the shop!

Here a video we took on our iPhone to test the stamp:

Here's a preview of the stamp, that will most likely enter the shop!

Happy Life to Melissa + Kevin!

Okie, you got me. If you ever happen to meet me in real life, I'm not a romantic kind of girl. In my every day life, I'm more of practical in love and in life. I actually not the type of girl to do girl talk, talk about true love, and all the gross stuff... I'm not even the type of girl who believes in true love. I think a couple has to work hard at their relationship to make it work, no matter kind of relationship people have. However, that being said. I am the kind or girl, who cries at weddings, and find it very endearing to hear about engagements and weddings and people finding their mate in life. I know, I'm a oxymoron.

Months ago, I had a client, who asked me to make them a custom sign. (See Photos above). The client, Melissa had messaged me to make a custom sign to hang on top of their doorway. The sign turned out so well, my husband Daniel, wanted to make one for  his parents as a gift! hehe..

Fast forward to today, and I'm happy to say that Melissa message me with her and her husband's wedding video! This wedding video was just about the sweetest thing to ever see, and it really just brightened up my whole week. Take a peek, to see for yourself!

Thank you Melissa and Kevin for messaging me about your happy ending!
This gorgeous video was created by: Hoo Films

1 Year Anniversary

Today is our blog's 1 year anniversary. A lot of things changed since my first official blog post. This blog as been great this past year and so much fun! I only hope our blog continues to grow with more creative posts.

This year we also started our Etsy Shop, and we hit our 100 sale earlier this month! This past few months, we started to design a online shop away from Etsy, and we its at a point where I am proud of the direction it's heading. I may change the header/ to add a little bit of color to it. Here's our shop so far:

We also started to design a shop for all of our Business products, the brand is called 'My I.D. It.' This shop will sale business awards and other home goods, for the consumer.

Shop Update:

This weekend I worked on the blog + shop. Can you tell, what I added to the blog? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out! I added a 3-Column page to the footer of the blog. The footer area is where I will add shop info, and so forth. What do you think? I'm just trying add a little bit of the unexpected with all the shop info I have to set up.

I set up a few images for the front page of shop. I thought I might share them with you. Here are a hand full of products we have done for customers over the last year. Hope you like them!

New Look for A New Year!

Hello 2012,

I've decided to update the look of the blog for the new 2012 year. After trying to figure out a design for my Storenvy Shop, I realized that I was trying too hard, I've kept trying to design something that was ultra girlie, and on the busy side. I decided to go back to my roots on the design, and to go with something I love best, a good, old black and white design scheme. I changed the 'Wedding Day Tree' logo to look more like wedding Calligraphy, and liked it so much, I updated the blog as well.
What do you think? Do you like the new updated look?

Shop Update:

I couldn't help it, I had to change the new look and feel of the shop again. Although, I really liked the mellow yellow look of the original design, I just couldn't have the shop and blog not have the same overall design. Although, I don't want the shop to look exactly the same, I wanted them to share a similar color palette, to let viewers know that they are the same brand.



So what do you think? I want to do other updates to the shop. But considering that I don't know anything about CSS and java script, it's going to have to take a long time! I mean, at least I know a little HTML. But using all three combined is tricky business. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Store Envy: New Shop

This week is still full of Christmas! I've been busy working on craft projects for the holiday. I did however, make time for developing a new shop. Well, actually, its really been a working progress for quite some time. I have to make a new store front for both Wedding Day Tree and My ID it (business products) so lets see how far I get. I developed shop banners for both shops already. That's a start, right?

Shop Update:

It seems like we no longer have a social life... haha... this past summer we have been busy as bees trying to develop new products, making sales and trying our best to get the blog and wedding shop business started. Here are a few products that we worked on over the summer. What do you think? I wish I had more time to post new products. Every time I get close to listing something new, shop sales, errands, and everything else gets in the way. I hope when fall comes, I'll get more time to work on the wedding shop!

Happy Wedding :)

Happy Friday

Things have been crazy lately! We've been super busy professionally and in personal life. It seems that there are not enough hours in a day! Mr. Wedding Day Tree and I will be heading out of town this weekend (in time for the big LA 405 fwy closure ---- if you live in the Southern CA area)...

Here are a few photos of project recently for the shop. Project: Wishing Tree Tags! for a big birthday celebration... Cute Idea, Yes?