Antique Bouquets

I absolutely fell in love with this new wedding trend: Now a days brides are tying in the old and the new with their wedding bouquets. By using vintage brooches to make a wedding bouquet, bride's have discovered a new way to make a keepsake out of their wedding day flowers. I think this idea is great! And love the idea of making something old, (say a old piece of jewelry) into something new, and very memorable.

Source: The Ritzy Rose

Source: Bridal Guide

Source: Unknown

Source: Alica Hu Photography

Source: Debutante Clothing
Source: Fab Frocks Gets Married

Source: Fancy Pants Wedding

After finding all these great inspiration photos, I searched Etsy to see what kind of vintage brooches they had to offer. Some of them are so lovely! I think I wanted them just because...

 Gold Petal Flower with a lavender Cabachon,  mms Vintage
Pink Milk Glass Flower Brooch,  VisualizingVintage
Three Gold Tone Pins, kiamichi7
80's Gold Flower Brooch, tiptoecurio

Rhinestone Flower Wire Pin Brooch, Secondhand Bijoux
1950's Flower Brooch with Crystal Flower, RaleighWood Treasures 
White Gold Enamel Flower Brooch, ABC 123 Supplies

Happy Wedding :) 

Honey Moon Attire #2

I love shopping! I don't really think that needs to be said. Most girls love to shop, and I am for one, proud of it! I just have one problem....$$$$... instead of spending money I don't have, I decided to make part 2 of Honeymoon Attire. Here a few pretty items I would love to wear on a honeymoon and everyday after. I am loving the Anthro maxi dress, such a colorful pattern is great on any vacation and the Ann Taylor peep toe pumps... drool.... I want it! The best part of these 6 items, is that all of these items match beautifully with each other. Even more appealing? Right?