Life's a Cabaret

One of the things I love most about weddings is the fact that its another excuse to use confetti! Everyone loves confetti! It just says p-a-r-t-y. The best part of if confetti, is that it comes in a variety of colors: green, purple, orange, hot pink; any color that matches your wedding. You can even get eco-friendly confetti (click here)! Clearly there is no downside of confetti. Here are a few photos that may inspire you to have a little confetti at your wedding.

Source: Coco Kelley
Source: Oh Happy Day
Source: Modern Cupcake

Source: Glitter Guide
Source: Unknown

Anthropologie: Love at First Sight

Every bride loves Anthropologie, well lets be honest (even non brides love Anthro!!!) Brides can love Anthropologie even more when you take a peek of these lovely dresses from their wedding line: Bhldn It's so dreamy and has a period time statement to them. Meaning, these dresses look like they are from another time, don't you think?

All of these beautiful items are from Anthropologie's Wedding line: Bhldn

Paint Chip Inspiration

Source: You Are My Fav

You can get inspiration anywhere, one of my favorite places to get inspiration is at the local hardware store. By using paint chips, you can get color inspiration for your wedding. This is a great trick. Here you will have all the colors of the rainbow at the tips of your fingers, where you can see exactly the color that represents your wedding day. Do you think your wedding is represents a red and blue wedding day? Or is your wedding gray and yellow?

Here are a few other ideas that may inspire you to go to the hardware store today.

Source: Digital Mom Blog
Source: Hey Gorg!
Source: How About Orange?
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: Once Wed
Source: Quite Like It

Poppy Red, Mustard Yellow, And Kelly Green

I was wondering about ways to make weddings more interesting with color. Then, I thought about it. Most couples insist on having only 1 color to accent their wedding. What if you were going to pick 3 colors for your wedding? After you see these inspiration photos, you just might decide on having the colors of poppy red, mustard yellow and kelly green for your wedding.

Source: The Antique Door
Source: Touch of Europe
Source: Mackenzie Pages
Source: My Sweet and Saucy
Source: Shannon Gail
Source: Where To Get Engaged
Source: The Antique Door
Source: Charley Star Photography

Apples and Oranges

Weddings with themes are full of fun and whimsy. One of my favorite themes for a wedding is the idea of Apples and Oranges. This makes for a perfect wedding theme. Although the term ‘apples and oranges’ refers to 2 people who do not see eye to eye, I think in wedding terms, I would define it as 2 people, with 2 different personalities, finally seeing eye to eye on one subject: marriage. Here a few lovely inspiration images that may inspire your wedding with something as simple as apples and oranges.


Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Source: Marry You Me

Source: Inspired By This

Source: Kellyo Shiro Events

Source: Edible Gift

Source: Inspired By This

Source: Southern Living

Source: The Knot

Source: Modern Girl Invitations

Source: Soiree Special Events

Source: Paris Apartment

Source: Merriment Events

Free Resource

Many bride and grooms look for new ways to 'conserve' the wedding fund. With so many things to purchase for the wedding, Save the Date cards are always last on your minds. To help you with your budget woes, here is a free Save the Date Post Card Design. These Save the Date beauties are for the quirky brides of have a fair for a mod vintage style. Just add your own wedding info to the back, print at home and mail out. You may also upload this artwork to printing websites for overnightprints or 48hourprint.

You may download the artwork here: (if you need any help, don't be shy. Just ask)

download PDF here

Happy Wedding :)