Customer Appreciation Photo!

A very special bride sent me this photo of her on her wedding day, last week. This totally made my day. I adore it when brides send me photos of their wedding day. Its one of the best feelings ever! Rebekah recently got married on October 22nd, 2011 in Knoxville, TN. She made a gorgeous bride and couldn't look prettier! Congratulations Rebekah and Todd, Happy Marriage!

Rebekah is wearing my "Sunshine Yellow Corsage Sash" from my shop: Pinktea6

Ivory Blush Pink

Color choices for weddings are so important to weddings. One of the most beautiful, romantic and soft color palette choices brides and grooms can make are the colors ivory, blush pink, and bright pinks. These colors are hopefully romantic, simply unstated and classic. Here are a few lovely images to inspire your wedding:

Source: Wedding Nouveau

Source: Pinktea6

Source: Wedding Outlet

Source: Wedding By Color

Source: The Knot

Happy Wedding :)

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Happy Wedding :)