Alicia & Justin's Wedding

This past July, two of our good friends got married in San Deigo. You might remember them here. This wedding was so much fun and so cute, I had to share a few photos to show off just a bit... heheh... Alicia and Justin were very thoughtful hosts, and even provided the guests with a comfortable lounge area (to which they purchased new furniture for the guests to sit) and cigars.. They even went out of their way to deliver Wedding Welcome bags to all the out of town guests. Which was so very nice because Daniel and I decided to stay in San Deigo overnight last minute. So very thoughtful :)

Doesn't Alicia and Justin so cute together? So pretty :)

One of the first things, to know about Alicia and Justin is that they love their dog Sheelo so much! The made him the ring bearer of their wedding. Look how cute he is with the flower girl /dog.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding was the fact that we served cocktail hour drinks in beakers. Did I mention that Alicia is crazy smart and has a PHD in Chemistry?

We had made 'L O V E' letters for their wedding, for the  guests to sign.  After the wedding Alicia and Justin will place the letters above their mantel for years to come.

After the dinner was served and the wedding cake was eaten, Alicia and Justin also provided the guests with yet another surprise with In & Out, which is pretty much a Southern Ca, post wedding past-time. Yum!

Congratulations, to the happy couple and much blessings for years to come.

Pop it with Pink!

Source: Project Wedding
Source: Shooting Gallery Photography
Can I just say that I love Pink! Many people who know me, are aware of my love for this color. I tend not to wear pink anymore, but I am still very much in love with this color. I think with age, I come not to wear pink anymore. I use to wear pink every day of the pink, but now it seems I like to wear purples and grays.

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Royal Affair

In the midst of the Royal Wedding, I decided to gather some images for a inspirational wedding fit for royalty. A royal wedding makes me think of glamour and pink, a romantic day filled with the glimmer of crystal and candle light mixed with layers of lace and silk... This is what I consider to be a royal wedding, what do you think makes a wedding fit for a princess and prince?

I think every Princess Bride needs Vera Wang. Don't you?

Source: Vera Wang Spring 2011 Collection 'Farrah'

Glamour Wedding Sash Source: Snippet and Ink

Source: Wedding Talk
Source: Covet Living

Cinderalla's Glass Slippers or Rhinestone studded bridal shoes are always in fashion.



A royal wedding must always have roses mixes with peonies! Of course! I love it :)

All princesses and princes should get to eat Maggie Austin Cakes.

Source: Aylee Bits

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: Castle Farms

Chandeliers, Gardens and Castles? Oh my!

Happy Wedding :)