Valentine's Day Brownies

I thought, I might put together a quick and easy Valentines Day treat to inspire you. I really didn't have anytime for baking this weekend, so I took out some brownie mix (from the box) and my heart shaped cake pan and got started on some baking. 

Just for fun, I decided to add a little Rum flavored emulsion (from this post). I added only little bit (1/4 teaspoon - but I think you should add more for flavoring).

After you watch these beauties bake, you can serve them 2 ways.

First way, is to sprinkle a little powdered sugar (use a shifter) on top. I kinda just caked my powdered sugar on. A little too much, but oh well.

The second way, is to cut the heart shaped brownie in half, and spread some butter cream in the center (to make a brownie sandwich.) I made some Strawberry Butter Cream for this.

Strawberry Butter Cream:
4 oz Unsalted Butter
9 oz Powdered Sugar
3-4 oz Strawberry Jam

Whip butter, add powdered sugar & jam, and whip again.
Yes, its that easy!

(The last photo, I took with my iPhone)

I packaged them with pink cupcake liners, and used my new stamp to mark the cake box. Think about baking these treats for your Valentine as a sweet gesture. This can also be a lovely edition to a bridal shower or any pink themed party. Happy Valentines Day!

Pop it with Pink!

Source: Project Wedding
Source: Shooting Gallery Photography
Can I just say that I love Pink! Many people who know me, are aware of my love for this color. I tend not to wear pink anymore, but I am still very much in love with this color. I think with age, I come not to wear pink anymore. I use to wear pink every day of the pink, but now it seems I like to wear purples and grays.

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A Pop Of Hot Pink

Source: Sara Yates Photography via Paratinovia

I am loving the color hot pink in weddings. Many brides are opting on using this brightly colored hue as there wedding color. Hot pink is a terrific color in weddings, this color is updating the traditional pink wedding into a modern, and playful affair. Hot pink weddings just scream FUN! Hot pink and easily be translated that is loud, fun and just says party!

Source: Sara Yates Photography via Paratinovia

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Happy Wedding :)

Ivory Blush Pink

Color choices for weddings are so important to weddings. One of the most beautiful, romantic and soft color palette choices brides and grooms can make are the colors ivory, blush pink, and bright pinks. These colors are hopefully romantic, simply unstated and classic. Here are a few lovely images to inspire your wedding:

Source: Wedding Nouveau

Source: Pinktea6

Source: Wedding Outlet

Source: Wedding By Color

Source: The Knot

Happy Wedding :)