Alicia & Justin's Wedding

This past July, two of our good friends got married in San Deigo. You might remember them here. This wedding was so much fun and so cute, I had to share a few photos to show off just a bit... heheh... Alicia and Justin were very thoughtful hosts, and even provided the guests with a comfortable lounge area (to which they purchased new furniture for the guests to sit) and cigars.. They even went out of their way to deliver Wedding Welcome bags to all the out of town guests. Which was so very nice because Daniel and I decided to stay in San Deigo overnight last minute. So very thoughtful :)

Doesn't Alicia and Justin so cute together? So pretty :)

One of the first things, to know about Alicia and Justin is that they love their dog Sheelo so much! The made him the ring bearer of their wedding. Look how cute he is with the flower girl /dog.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding was the fact that we served cocktail hour drinks in beakers. Did I mention that Alicia is crazy smart and has a PHD in Chemistry?

We had made 'L O V E' letters for their wedding, for the  guests to sign.  After the wedding Alicia and Justin will place the letters above their mantel for years to come.

After the dinner was served and the wedding cake was eaten, Alicia and Justin also provided the guests with yet another surprise with In & Out, which is pretty much a Southern Ca, post wedding past-time. Yum!

Congratulations, to the happy couple and much blessings for years to come.

Color Inspiration: Pink + Green

I decided to start posting color inspiration photos. The color blocks, shown at the bottom would make a lovely color palette for a wedding, don't you think? A soft hue of pink, matched with pastel greens would be lovely together at a wedding. To also make the wedding 'pop' a little bit, why not add some hot pink color for a little excitement! sounds adorable to me.

This photo was taken on my vacation in Korea. I absolutely love this photograph, and am quite proud of that fact that I shot it! all by myself! :)

Alicia and Justin's Engagement Party

This past weekend, I got to see a dear old friend Alicia, it so happens that I just received Alicia and Justin's (the fiance) wedding invitation! Isn't it so adorable! I really like the embossing detail and the black scroll frame. Justin's aunt handmade every invitations. Isn't that the perfect wedding gift ever? It's a totally unique & lovely wedding invitation, yet at the same time, it was one less task for Alicia and Justin to worry about while planning the wedding.

This reminds of Alicia and Justin's engagement party a few months ago. It was a sweet family and friends gathering at the prettiest backyard ever! Here's a few photos I took on my iPhone:

In Love with Peonies

I must say, that I love looking at flowers, especially, floral arrangements at weddings. Wedding flowers always seem so perfect, like nothing you can never create at home by yourself.
My favorite flower of all time for weddings would have to be the ‘oh so fabulous’ Peony! Peonies have got to be the most romantic flower out there. They are sweet and timeless; nothing could make a better wedding flower then the Peony. If you don’t believe me, just look below to see a few inspiration images that you might fall in love with yourself.

Source: Hitched Salon
Source: Wishes Events
Source: W-Wedding Flowers
Source: W -Wedding Flowers
Source: W-Wedding Flowers
Source: Wishes Events
Source: Wedding Bee
Source: Sweet September Wedding
Source: One Wed

 Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Showcase: Kristine + Jay's Wedding

Bride: Kristine Patio
Groom: Jay Cruz
Occupation: Kristine, Merchandiser at Anthropologie 
                      Jay: Web/Multimedia Designer at Think Department
Date of Wedding: April 17, 2010
Location: Immaculata at University of San Diego, then the Prado at Balboa Park in San Diego
Photographer: Susan Yee at En Pointe Photography
Favorite romantic comedy/wedding movie: Serendipity and The Proposal

Inspiration for Your Wedding: vintage modern - we were inspired by our '69 camaro and everything vintage, antique birdcages, suitcases,travel, spanish lace
What color scheme where you trying to achieve?  We went for navy and a variety of shades pinks - fuschia, hot pink, pale pinks,and greys for the guys
Any diy projects, you loved the most?  Working on the invites, the birdcage wedding card holder, well wishes tree

 Is there anything you would have changed or done differently?  Nothing, it was exactly what we wanted!!  I'd do it all over again
Thoughts on the final outcome? I think everything turned out great and we had amazing family and friends that helped with everything from setting up, diy projects, and organizing everything!!

Are you glad its over? I think we'd do it all over again!!!

 Special Thanks to Kristine and Jay for Sharing their Wedding Day with us!