So Easy Being Green

Today, I gathered various images that are to me: beautiful and lovely. They are based on the color green. Can you a imagine a having green at your wedding? You can incorporate the color in a variety of ways. Try to have a outdoor ceremony, and incorporate terrariums, mini green houses in your wedding decor. There are so many ways to express color at a wedding, have some fun with it.

Source: Donna Hay Magazine
Source: Unknown
Source: Rad Megan
Better Homes and Garden
Source: One Big Photo
Source: Katie Cassidy Photography

Happy Wedding!

Photo Inspiration:

Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Wow... the last week has been so much work! I clocked in 52 hours at the office this week. Gosh, I am tired! This weekend, was a normal weekend, I worked on Etsy orders, watched a movie and ran errands. One of the things we bought this weekend, was a toaster oven. Can I just say, how much I love the toaster oven so far??? I love it! We didn't do any toasting yet, but we made steaks for dinner and cookies for dessert! Best appliance next to my Kitchen Aid Mixer. If there are any brides and grooms out there, I suggest you register for one.

A funny thing happened to me this weekend, I ordered a skirt from Gap online and received it in the mail this weekend. I went to try the skirt on and noticed that the zipper clip/seam threads were loose, like someone had worn it before/maybe even returned it. After trying it on i notice something was in the pocket, i pulled it out and found $20 bucks! How awesome is that! Heheh... So now I'm going to return the skirt and keep the $20. Everything always works out.

I'm showing a image of macaroons today because last week, I worked a 13 hour day, and at the end of it I was still in a good mood. I asked myself 'why am I in such a chipper mood, I got home from work at 10:30pm at night?' And I realized it was because I started off my day with a eating a macaron! hehe.. In my opinion every day should begin and end with eating a macaroon. Smart right?

 Happy Monday!

Photo Inspiration: Fireworks

Source: Unknown

Happy New Years Everyone!

I cannot wait to see what the 2012 year brings us! All I know is that I want to live a happy and healthy life with my husband and the pups and with family and friends. This coming year, my short term goals are to get Lasik (in the very near future), buy a new shelving unit for my living room (I'm already counting my pennies), working on the Store Envy shop(s) and blog, planning a weekend vacation with my hubby, losing weight *cough *cough and developing new product for the shop.

Oh yes, I also have 2 weddings planned for attendance, one in San Jose area, and the other in Napa Valley. So their will be a wedding - road trip in this year as well. I don't mind of course, because I adore weddings! And that being a guest at a wedding is so much more fun then planning the wedding. hehehe...

I hope everyone can enjoy their weekend! Before I start mine, we have to finish up our 5 Etsy Shop orders in waiting, and then I can have my new years weekend full of playing the board game Monopoly, doing a puzzle I got as a white elephant gift in 2010, watching American Horror Story and baking Macaroons! But of course that is what I want to do for my weekend. What I will most likely end up doing is working on Etsy, and the Storenvy shop. Whatever happens, I hope I fit in time to go watch the Rose Parade (since I live on the parade route) and I hope to clean up the house.

Good Bye 2011! We had a lovely time together.

Photo Inspiration: Barnyard Bliss

I happen to love these photos! (Photos by: Three Nails Photography, Wedding Found Here). Here are a few things that I love about this wedding, just by looking at these 3 images. #1: I am loving the Barnyard/Country wedding. #2: Love the yellow tint on all the photos for a vintage feel. #3: Nothing says fun, like a gigantic antique photo booth frame.  #4: I adore the gray school uniform/ Little House on the Prairie bridesmaid dresses! And #5: The flowers are nothing but sweet and lovely.

Happy Wedding :) 

My Hydrangeas!

Hydrangeas are perfect! I often write about how they are the perfect wedding flower, the photo above is a photo that my sister snapped at on my wedding day. The bridesmaids bouquets for beautiful, full of green hydrangeas, pink and cream colored roses mixed with pink color berries and some kind of purple flower that I don't even know. I can't really take any credit on the arrangement, my florist did the design, I just told her I wanted hydrangeas and she did the whole thing.

To see some of my ideas on how great hydrangeas are, click here and you can read it on Wedding Window. Have a Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Tracie :)

Photo Inspiration

Source: Steph Cookie
Currently, we are very busy! Work (@ the office) is busy. Work @ Etsy is busy and life is busy. But sometimes we all need a break. I want to inspire everyone to have a little doughnut break this morning. That always cheers me up! Doughnuts and coffee, the breakfast of companions! Isn't this photo delicious looking? I must say, that the photographer that took this shot, was very lucky! Because they got to eat these yummy treats after the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Photo Inspiration: Cookies or Ornaments?

Source: Your Vintage Wedding

I found this photo online, and isn't it darling? I first thought that these would make great vintage inspired ornaments for the holiday Christmas Tree. Then I thought, how could I incorporate these ornaments for a wedding. Maybe by having guests write a message to the bride and groom and then hang the ornaments on a wishing tree? And then I realized, that these weren't ornaments, they are cookies! How cool is that? They are so adorable, that I don't think I could eat these. I'd probably still hang them on a 'cookie' tree at a dessert buffet at a wedding. What do you think?

Happy Wedding :)