Its My Favorite Month: October!

It's a new month! This month happens to be my favorite month of the year, and October happens to be  my birthday month! hehe... Since, it's a new month, lets start it off right, with a new fancy desktop wallpaper. At first I thought I knew exactly I wanted to design for the October issue wallpaper, but then I changed my mind after I completed it.

1st desktop wallpaper: I knew I wanted to use glasses + a mustache for the October wallpaper edition, being it was Halloween and everything. This is what I came up with, if you wanted to download it.

After I designed the first October option, I decided that I wanted to do something different. This is what I came up with. I rather like both of these options, but I think I would like to use the pears + calender for the first 3 weeks of the month, and when Halloween grows near, I would use the glasses + mustache for the last week. What do you think?

You can download the wallpaper above here, and just for kicks, if you would like a desktop calender without a calender, you can download a blank wallpaper here.
Happy October!

Wedding Showcase: Emily + Ryan's Wedding

Bride: Emily Lauren Hatch                       
Groom: Ryan Lee Shola
Occupation: Emily - design consultant/sales, Ryan - project manager           
Date of Wedding: October 9, 2010         
Location: The Farmhouse Inn at Hundred Acre Farm
Photographer: Simply Bloom Photography
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Our favorite movie is Stepbrothers…not really romantic! Our favorite wedding movie would have to be Wedding Crashers…we love funny movies!

Inspiration for your Wedding? My Mom passed away or breast cancer about 3 years ago…before she did, she told me that she dreamnt that Ryan and I would get married under a big oak tree with a chandelier hanging from it. After she passed away, we were engaged about a year and a half later. I googled oak tree venues and found the Farmhouse…I knew it was the place. After visiting it, I was in love!

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve? I wanted greens, greys, and some pops of mustard yellow.

Any DIY projects, you loved the most? I loved our candy buffet and favors. They were so fun to make and turned out so cute! 

Any Bridezilla moments while the planning process? The one and only advantage to paying for your own wedding is that you get to do whatever you want! I made all the decisions from day 1! About 10 minutes before the wedding I started to freak out that some last minute details hadn’t been finished and no one could calm me down!

Thoughts on the final outcome?  Our wedding turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined. The planning all came to an end and it was a laid-back, beautiful event. I had so much fun and remember every single moment of the night. I re-play it in my head all the time and it always makes me smile!

Are you glad its over?  We are so glad it’s over! I loved the planning---hated the paying! Weddings are ridiculous expensive!
 A Special Thanks to Emily + Ryan for sharing their special day with us!