Yellow and Gray Wedding

Oh how I love the colors of yellow and gray, especially when these colors are paired together. I originally wanted my wedding colors to be yellow and gray, and then thought to myself that people think of me as 'pink' and the hotel has pink as their accent color, so I will just go with pink. Maybe for my 2nd wedding I will do the colors yellow and gray. hehe...

Source: Sweet Little Photographs
Source: Stephanie Williams Photography
Source: For the Day Designs
Source: Nina Cecilia Creative Spark
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Sourc: KaLice Events
Source: Design Sponge
Happy Wedding!

Chalk Board Love

Source: Dirtsa Studio

This Tree Hanging landed in my Favorites in Etsy today. Can you blame me? It's a beauty! It inspired me to gather a few chalkboard ideas that are pretty cool for a black and white themed wedding or for a dinner party. Take a look and get inspired today.

Source: Simple Splendor Photography
Source: Indy Getting Hitched

This is a good idea for any photo booth! I think its great! Think about asking the guest a question when when taking photos and having them write their answer on the chalkboard. 
Question: How many miles did you travel to witness the happy couple get married?

Found on: Pin Interest
Source: Sarah K Chen Photography
Source: Pocketful of Dreams
This is so cool, someone has to come up with a way to incorporate this chalk board globe into a wedding. Maybe a destination wedding? Or a going away party?
Source: Event Design Shop
Source: Hip Hostess
Source: Ruthi Auda
Love these bottles!

Blog Update:

Thank goodness it's Friday!!! This week has been killer. I have been working way too much overtime at my Office Design job, and it's not leaving me enough time to rest and relax. And to top of it all, I've been feeling under the weather.... but since I have been exhausted from working the long hours, I seem to not concentrate on how sick I am feeling; I just seem to be forgetful and I'm making a ton of small errors, even spelling words as easy as 'the' (I spelled it as 'he') it's embarrassing!  Okie, enough of the pity party.

I have though, been making time for an all week Grey's Anatomy marathon (I started again at Season 1, when the show was actually good! heheh). While watching Grey's Anatomy, I have been slowing working on updating the blog. I took some screen shots from on iPhone. How do you like it? I aided in the help of Ironwood Design Studios to turn my blog into a 3 column blog. Rachel from Ironwood, is great! She did exactly what I wanted and more! I highly recommend.

After Rachel did the programing, I got started on designing the side columns, I designed a new Wedding Showcase Slider, along with new buttons, and added 'Inspired By' links. How does it look?

Photo Inspiration: Barnyard Bliss

I happen to love these photos! (Photos by: Three Nails Photography, Wedding Found Here). Here are a few things that I love about this wedding, just by looking at these 3 images. #1: I am loving the Barnyard/Country wedding. #2: Love the yellow tint on all the photos for a vintage feel. #3: Nothing says fun, like a gigantic antique photo booth frame.  #4: I adore the gray school uniform/ Little House on the Prairie bridesmaid dresses! And #5: The flowers are nothing but sweet and lovely.

Happy Wedding :) 

My Inspirational Yellow

I was browsing on the web and found these 2 images, I was so inspired by it's vintage quality/appeal and yellow color tones, I had to do a blog post on it. The images above are really quite lovely, don't you think? They look like its taken straight out of the book "Anne of Green Gables." Too Sweet!

Source: Arina B Photography

Source: Naturalist Collection

Source: Arina B Photography

Source: Wedding Wire

Sourcee: Orange Turtle Blog
Source: Vintage Wedding Invitations

Source: Ruffled Blog

Source: Chest of Books

Source: Amoronia

Source: Tumblr

Does anyone recognize this screen shot? I do! I do! Its taken straight off of Gilmore Girls. Remember when Luke proposed to Lorelai with 10,000 daises? It was one of the most romantic things that was ever wrote on television.

Source: Go Ask Avery

Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Showcase: Ruth + Reuben's Wedding

Bride: Ruth
Groom:  Reuben
Occupation: Reuben: medical research scientist, Ruth: doctor
Date of Wedding: 10th July 2010
Location: Central London, UK
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Father of the Bride 

Inspiration for your Wedding? Traditional English themes, with some incorporation of Sri Lankan colours, flowers and herbs

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve? Teal and Kingfisher blue mainly, with white and hot pink

 Any DIY projects, you loved the most? The place names that looked like London street signs

Any Bridezilla moments while the planning process? Getting my head around how most Sri Lankan's have 2 first names!! And half the family know one name, and the other half the other...

Thoughts on the final outcome?  A very happy day, in which the small details are much more unimportant that you feel they are in the run-up to it, and the main thing - actually getting married - is wonderful and a great joy.

Are you glad its over?  It is lovely not to have to plan it anymore, but a very special occation to have all the family together, and wish that could have lasted for longer....

Special Thanks to Ruth and Reuben for sharing their special day with us!

99 Red Balloons

I just love Balloons! Especially at parties! Balloons are just about the most festive thing that one can add to a event to make it a party. Why not add it to your wedding day? Here are a few inspiration weddings and engagement photos that may inspire your wedding day.

Source: Gemmer Photography

Source: Kelly Horn Berger

Source: Gordon Gossip

Source: Kelly Oshiro Events
Source: Best Hudson Valley Wedding Ever

Source: Hey Gorg
Source: Holladay Weddings

Source: Jacinda Russell Art

Knitting Parties

Today I put together a collection,  of yarn / crochet wedding inspiration photos. I love me a good crochet doily! It always seems to bring out my inner grandma.... Enjoy!

Source: One Fab Day

Source: A Wooden Nest

Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Source: Nibs Blog
Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Source: I Love Yo Yo (via Etsy)
Source: Pet Dog Online

Source: Katy Elliott
Source: Once Wed

Happy Wedding :)

Photo Inspiration: Isn't it lovely?

Source: Married 2 Love

Today, I just wanted to share this inspiration photo I found online. Isn't it lovely? One reason, why I simply can't stop staring at this image is for its color palette. The soft pastel hues are easy on the eyes and compliment each other. The pinks, whites, peaches and mint greens are all showcased in this photography. So I ask you again: Isn't it lovely?

Happy Wedding :)

Cape Cod Inspiration Wedding Photoshoot

Name: Desiree Spinner
Occupation: Event stylist/planner of Desiree Spinner Events  
                     and editor of La Petite Peach
Location: Hyannis Port /Osterville Historical Museum
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Father of the Bride

Inspiration for Photo Shoot? Old Cape Cod and Kenndy Hyannis Port
What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve? Pale blue, ivory and pewter

What kind of bride personality were you trying to target? On her special day, every bride deserves to relax and enjoy every moment. As the event planner, I wanted to convey in this photo shoot a classy and natural bride. As a stylish bride you can make any setting breathtaking.

Where did you get your props? Most of the props presented themselves; we were at a boathouse so we were able to utilize what was already there. We loved being able to use the lobster pot, the buoy, and the boat, they all added to the sophistication to the shoot.

Thoughts of the outcome of the shoot? I absolutely loved everything about this session! It has a light, summery and playful feel with a very Cape Cod sophistication. The boathouse was the perfect location for this couple. I love when the environment can sell and speak for itself.

 A Special Thanks to 
Desiree of Le Petite Peach & Christine and Vania of SimplyBloom Photography Inc.
for sharing this beautiful photo shoot with us!

Wizard of Oz Wedding

Source: Choco Studio

Most brides and grooms who decide on doing a storybook wedding pick tales such Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. If I had to choose a theme for a wedding that was based off a children’s book, I would create a Wizard of Oz wedding! Not only is the Wizard of Oz is a classic story, its one of the greatest movies of all time. 
(Seriously, I think I watched it like 3 times a day when I was growing up… hehhe…) 
A Wizard of Oz would be the most memorable wedding of all time; can you imagine walking down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ wearing ruby red slippers? Sounds perfect right? You can even tie in some yellow bricks, tin cans and some haystacks to finish off the theme. If thinking of locations for a Oz themed wedding, why not have it at a park (to tie in the emerald green) or even a apple orchid (remember the apple throwing scene when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow?), Enjoy!

Source: Breguetpm
Source: Borrowed and Bleu
Source: Green Wedding Shoes
Source: Savoir Weddings
Source: A Los Angeles Love
Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Source: A Recessionista Ties the Knot
Source:Ohh My Michelle
Source: Concrete And Lullabies
Source: Rustic Country Folksy
Source: Wedding Window
Source: Amber Engfer Photography

Source: Project Wedding
Source: Postcards And Pretties

Source: Alla Twitter

Happy Planning  :)

Flea Market Finds

I love going to flea markets! I simply love going to find weird and unique objects that can be used to decorate, used as props for photos and of course decor items in weddings! There are a ton of inspirational goodies that can be used for decorate weddings. All for only a few bucks? What a deal! The hard part isn't finding these items.

I think the hard part of shopping for wedding supplies at flea markets is trying to think of inspirational and creative ideas that can utilize the cool objects you find. I decided to gather a few inspiration wedding photos for various sites, and see what I can find at the flea market to create the same idea in your own wedding.

The are so many possibilities at one can find at a flea market, can you think of any I may of missed?

Inspiration Source: Thoughtfully Simple  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Elite Bridal Concierge  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Little Birdie Secrets  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Source: Choparder  &  Flea Market Source: Wedding Day Tree Blog

Renaissance Wedding

This weekend is the last weekend of the Renaissance Faire in the southern California area. A few weeks ago, we attended the fair, and enjoyed all the old ye' tourist attractions and the food! I must say I love the food! Fair food always seems to taste better! Anyways, At the fair I snapped some shots of a renaissance wedding chapel! Oh how cute! Sadly, there was no renaissance wedding going on when we were there, but I decided to show some photos from that day. Enjoy!

Entrance sign of the fair grounds.. Love it! It looks like a summer camp.

Entrance to the Renaissance Wedding Chapel

I am loving the wooden benches! This would be lovely for a outdoor wedding, don't you think?

At the fair, there were thousands of ribbons! They were used as ribbon chandeliers to adorn the trees.

And they were used as ribbon garlends for the fences. I love this idea! It can easily be made into a wedding project, don't you?

Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Showcase: Rachael + Thomas

Name: Rachael Higgins
Husband's Name: Thomas Higgins
Occupation: Wedding Photographer / Police Officer
Date of Wedding: October, 21 2010
Location: Seven Sycamores Ranch
Photographer: Megan Welker Photography
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Definitely Maybe 

"The fun little DIY mustaches were really fun for pictures and got people kind of out of their shell"
Inspiration for your Wedding: I just really wanted our wedding to show our personalities and to do so on a very small budget.. we got our our venue for half the price by having it on a Thursday which left us with the exact about of money left over to hire our favorite local cover band. We also wanted our food to be something that everyone would LOVE so we were able to hire local small restaurant to design a very classy gourmet burger bar that displayed almost any topping you could ever want on a burger, they were by far the best burgers we ever had.

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve: I wanted a more "vintage / eclectic " type color scheme.. that was also my personality... so I went with a dark blue teal, mustard yellow & bright red.. I was beyond happy with the final result...

Any DIY projects, you loved the most? Well I ordered a wedding tree of etsy that was a HUGE success and looks great hanging on my wall as a piece of art .. i love it! I also spent months collecting vintage pieces from thrift stores for my center pieces and candy bar, also another success and a great way to save money!

Is there anything you would have changed or done differently? If you are going supply your own music for the cocktail hour or dinner... Check and Re Check your cds or thumb drive to make sure the music burned correctly & if you download music from the internet make sure you listen to the entire song and make sure their aren't any advertisements before, during or after the song because it will play over the loud speaker... even though it made for a great laugh, i would of must rather that didn't happen haha.
Thoughts on the final outcome? It was our kind of perfect! everything we wanted and more... I am so glad that we kept our wedding small and intimate... we knew every single person at our wedding and each and every one of them holds a special place in our hearts.. it was very sentimental and an extremely emotional day that I will always remember

Are you glad its over? we are VERY happy it is over... we are just now starting to regain my savings account and the pressure of getting to ever thrift store right when they open so that I can get all of the good stuff has surely been lifted form my shoulders.. in fact i haven't step foot into a single thrift store since our wedding haha

Wedding Vendors:
Dress: Handmade by local tailor, Regina; Dress designed by Rachael!
Flowers: Fresh cut flowers (Wholesale)
, Visalia, CA
 Wedding Coordinator: Angelica Seitz of Its Your Ever After

Cake Topper: Orly Design
Rose Flower Sash: Pinktea6
Garter: Rosebud Lips
Wedding Tree: Etsy (Source Unkown)

Special thanks to Rachael and Thomas for sharing their special day with us!

Retro Romance

A very fun trend is happening in weddings, weddings are going retro! … I have to say, I absolutely love this trend! It’s fun, creative, and playful. Retro weddings are all the rage. Girls and boys are in love with vintage things everywhere, in clothing, décor and now weddings! I am jumping on this bandwagon and showing you a collection of inspiration weddings…. Enjoy!

Source: Your Best Wedding

Source: Cachic Design

Happy Wedding :)

Ivory Blush Pink

Color choices for weddings are so important to weddings. One of the most beautiful, romantic and soft color palette choices brides and grooms can make are the colors ivory, blush pink, and bright pinks. These colors are hopefully romantic, simply unstated and classic. Here are a few lovely images to inspire your wedding:

Source: Wedding Nouveau

Source: Pinktea6

Source: Wedding Outlet

Source: Wedding By Color

Source: The Knot

Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Day Tree Guest Book

We all the new trends in weddings, one idea stands out the most. This is a new yet classic approach to a wedding guest book. A guest book personalized with a family tree is truly unique. This idea takes a simple drawing of a tree, a few different color stamp pads and all your friends and family members to create a wedding guest book tree with their thumb print... Cute right? Not only is it a lovely idea to allow your guests some fun before the wedding, it also creates a piece of art that the bride and groom can hang in their home together after the wedding. If you would like a family tree, this is a great way to get one, because its not everyday that the whole family gathers together. Also if you like the idea of this but do not want your friends to be part of the family tree, then think about have 2 guest book trees. A tree guest book for family and one for friends.

Sweet Cake Stands

Cake Stands are making a ultimate comeback. In the past cake stands were traditionally known as something your grandmother would use at a tea party. Now a days, cake stands are something that can be cherished. Cake stands are very versatile and good looking! They can easily be used as a practical item to hold cakes and other delicious treats. Cake stands can easily be transitioned into a wedding. I mean, really? Can it get any easier than this? Cake stands are classic and beautifully crafted, they come in a variety of colors and can be used at a wedding for candy or desert buffet!

Look below for some cake stand stand inspiration for your wedding!



Wedding Day Trees

As my first wedding blog post, I thought I would take my name of the blog (and future new shop) into inspiration for some decor ideas for your wedding. "Wedding Day Tree" what does this mean? Is it like a Christmas tree? With wedding presents under it? We can only hope. Until we discover the answer to what a Wedding Day Tree is, Here are some lovely inspiration ideas on how to incorporate a Wedding Day Tree into your wedding:

Happy Wedding :)