Ivory Blush Pink

Color choices for weddings are so important to weddings. One of the most beautiful, romantic and soft color palette choices brides and grooms can make are the colors ivory, blush pink, and bright pinks. These colors are hopefully romantic, simply unstated and classic. Here are a few lovely images to inspire your wedding:

Source: Wedding Nouveau

Source: Pinktea6

Source: Wedding Outlet

Source: Wedding By Color

Source: The Knot

Happy Wedding :)

Sweet Cake Stands

Cake Stands are making a ultimate comeback. In the past cake stands were traditionally known as something your grandmother would use at a tea party. Now a days, cake stands are something that can be cherished. Cake stands are very versatile and good looking! They can easily be used as a practical item to hold cakes and other delicious treats. Cake stands can easily be transitioned into a wedding. I mean, really? Can it get any easier than this? Cake stands are classic and beautifully crafted, they come in a variety of colors and can be used at a wedding for candy or desert buffet!

Look below for some cake stand stand inspiration for your wedding!

Source: weddings.craftgossip.com

Source: www.edytaszyszlo.com

Wedding Day Trees

As my first wedding blog post, I thought I would take my name of the blog (and future new shop) into inspiration for some decor ideas for your wedding. "Wedding Day Tree" what does this mean? Is it like a Christmas tree? With wedding presents under it? We can only hope. Until we discover the answer to what a Wedding Day Tree is, Here are some lovely inspiration ideas on how to incorporate a Wedding Day Tree into your wedding:

Happy Wedding :)