Happy July

I can't believe it's already 5 days into July! I'm a little late for this month's Desktop Calender, but it's better late than never. How did everyone enjoy their 4th of July holiday? I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. This weekend we're headed down to San Diego for a dear friend's wedding. I'm pretty excited to be getting out of town and not to work this weekend, like we normally do... But I think I will have to work on some items for pinktea6 on the car ride there... heheh... It's a good thing I'm not driving!

I hope you like this month's calender. I thought it felt like summer. What do you think?

You can download this month's desktop wallpaper here
If you would like one without a calender, please download it here.

Hello June!

Holy moly, the month went by fast! Hello June Bloom! Not much posting for the month of May, work has been way to busy. This is pretty sad, because I have plenty of cool topics to blog about, but there is just no time! Of course, there will always be time for cute desktop wallpaper, so enjoy it!

You can download the  June wallpaper here.
If you would like a desktop wallpaper without calender, you can click here.

New Desktop Calender in Mid Month

So this is a little late! hehe.. We've been busy this month with home projects, shop orders and redesign to update the blog with a new download calender. Do you see anything different about the blog? We have re-branded ourselves  to Bridewell Blog /Bridewell Market. We will no longer be Wedding Day Tree. However we will always the name, to be our first company name in the wedding blog business.

We're currently still working on the blog design, but we are pretty much finished. And we updated our shop: Bridewell Market . What do you think about the new re-branding?

To Celebrate the new name,  May's free desktop wallpaper download is brand with our new logo. Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download the Calender version here, and
if you would like a desktop wallpaper with no Calender click here.

New Month: New Desktop Calender!

April brings us to a new Wallpaper of the month. Life and the company has gotten me a little behind on blogging!.. After all, it is wedding season! Currently, we are helping Daniel's sister plan our niece's 1st birthday party, working on orders and trying to develop our website and new company products. Blogging will be a bit slow the next couple of weeks, but I'll always remember to make sure I release new wallpaper of the month! Enjoy! P.S. - not to worry, I'm going to blog a post soon, just in time for EASTER!

You can download the April 2012 Wallpaper Edition here. And if you like Blank (no calender) wallpaper, you can download it here.


Today's post is some free download clip art, that can be used for a variety of craft projects! (just click on the image and copy/save it to your desktop)

This teacup can be used for a bridal shower party, an Alice in Wonderland themed party, anything you wish!

This Hyacinths label, can be used for gardening projects, or a spring party.

This vintage luggage can be used in a bon voyage (travel) project, or a moving announcement.

Enjoy all the projects in your crafting future!


I decided to start to give free clip-art to on the blog once in a while. These images can only be used for non commercial craft projects and are not for resale of any kind. These images can be used in fellow bloggers website designs and cannot but be used in their art downloads. These images can be shown as reference in blogs if the source is linked back to Wedding Day Tree.  By downloading, these images, you will be adhering to these rules.

Of course, feel free to use the images for your wedding! All images are high resolution JPG's and can be easily copied to your desktop.

Think about using this image as a background to a wedding invitation or some other kind of stationary. Possibilities are endless. Let your creative juices flow :)