Golden Locket

I think, I'm desperately in need of a gold vintage locket. I've been obsessed with them lately. I really want one, but I can never decide what to get or if it is the 'right' locket for me. Heheh... Isn't that silly? But  really I think out of all the jewelry out there, even engagement + wedding rings, a locket is the most personable piece of jewelry out there. It represents who you are, your name, and who you may love. Here are a few lockets I found on Etsy. They are a few that I think I want to buy myself! heheh.

Source: On The Road Vintage
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Heart Vintage
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Micky Chase Jewelry
Source: Stella Saves The Day
Source: Stella Saves The Day
Source: Freshy Fig
Source: Vintage In Bloom
Source: Silk Purse Sows Ear

Wedding Showcase: Rachael + Thomas

Name: Rachael Higgins
Husband's Name: Thomas Higgins
Occupation: Wedding Photographer / Police Officer
Date of Wedding: October, 21 2010
Location: Seven Sycamores Ranch
Photographer: Megan Welker Photography
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: Definitely Maybe 

"The fun little DIY mustaches were really fun for pictures and got people kind of out of their shell"
Inspiration for your Wedding: I just really wanted our wedding to show our personalities and to do so on a very small budget.. we got our our venue for half the price by having it on a Thursday which left us with the exact about of money left over to hire our favorite local cover band. We also wanted our food to be something that everyone would LOVE so we were able to hire local small restaurant to design a very classy gourmet burger bar that displayed almost any topping you could ever want on a burger, they were by far the best burgers we ever had.

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve: I wanted a more "vintage / eclectic " type color scheme.. that was also my personality... so I went with a dark blue teal, mustard yellow & bright red.. I was beyond happy with the final result...

Any DIY projects, you loved the most? Well I ordered a wedding tree of etsy that was a HUGE success and looks great hanging on my wall as a piece of art .. i love it! I also spent months collecting vintage pieces from thrift stores for my center pieces and candy bar, also another success and a great way to save money!

Is there anything you would have changed or done differently? If you are going supply your own music for the cocktail hour or dinner... Check and Re Check your cds or thumb drive to make sure the music burned correctly & if you download music from the internet make sure you listen to the entire song and make sure their aren't any advertisements before, during or after the song because it will play over the loud speaker... even though it made for a great laugh, i would of must rather that didn't happen haha.
Thoughts on the final outcome? It was our kind of perfect! everything we wanted and more... I am so glad that we kept our wedding small and intimate... we knew every single person at our wedding and each and every one of them holds a special place in our hearts.. it was very sentimental and an extremely emotional day that I will always remember

Are you glad its over? we are VERY happy it is over... we are just now starting to regain my savings account and the pressure of getting to ever thrift store right when they open so that I can get all of the good stuff has surely been lifted form my shoulders.. in fact i haven't step foot into a single thrift store since our wedding haha

Wedding Vendors:
Dress: Handmade by local tailor, Regina; Dress designed by Rachael!
Flowers: Fresh cut flowers (Wholesale)
, Visalia, CA
 Wedding Coordinator: Angelica Seitz of Its Your Ever After

Cake Topper: Orly Design
Rose Flower Sash: Pinktea6
Garter: Rosebud Lips
Wedding Tree: Etsy (Source Unkown)

Special thanks to Rachael and Thomas for sharing their special day with us!

Tiny Couples

I'm loving all the creative cake toppers on Etsy! One of the cutest ideas that I've seen in cake toppers are the 'tiny couples' made of wooden findings. These are just so imaginative and inventive, it's amazing how much crafting is evolving into art. This is a showcase adorable shop 'Together Forever', and can I just say that they have the most darling little people in wedding cake history! If you are looking for a cake topper that is crafty, a little bit country, and just about the cutest thing you've ever seen, one these cake toppers are for you.

Happy Wedding :)

Honey Moon Attire #1

I thought with all the talk about weddings, brides would like a distraction from all the stress, planning and budget problems that come with planning a wedding. One of the best ways to distract yourself from wedding day woes is with retail therapy! I thought we should start a new blog topic, this will be called 'Honeymoon Attire.' This topic will be full of goods that newlyweds everywhere can wear on their honeymoon! Us girls, get so involved in planning the big day, we forget that we also have to pack for the honeymoon. Instead of throwing whatever clean laundry we have into our luggage, lets spend some time to relax and shop. All of these lovely items are on my wish list of things to buy.

Vintage White

I am addicted to finding Vintage white dresses at the moment.. I secretly wish i could have another, wedding just so I can play dress up again... hehhe... Wearing a vintage wedding dress is a lovely idea for your wedding. Think about it, its cost effective, something old already, and the dress has a story to tell.. If wearing a vintage wedding dress on our wedding day isn't your thing, try wearing a vintage white dress for a wedding event, maybe a bridal shower or a engagement party? Possibilities are endless...

All of these beauties can easily be purchased from Etsy, and prices? Practically a steal…

Happy Wedding :)

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