Newlywed DIY Project: Making Curtains

I've been dying to get drapes/curtains for the living room. However, much like many newlyweds we did not have the funds to get the Anthro. designer Thomas Paul curtains I really wanted. So I decided to make them, instead of over paying. The best part of this project, is that I didn't even have to do any sewing! Instead, I took the time efficient route and used hemming tape. It was the easiest project ever! All you have to do it to cut fabric panels to size and fold the frayed edges over the hemming tape. Iron over using the 'steam' setting and voila! Curtains are ready to hang!

The fabric we picked for our curtains is by Designer: Robert Allen
We got it 50% percent off! (what a deal!)

The trick to making your own curtains is measuring the windows, and then doing it again. 
(Not Kidding!) The last thing you want to do is buying the incorrect amount of fabric or cutting your fabric panels too short. ~ Trust me. Measure Twice.

Make sure you cut straight lines when cutting your panels. 
You don't want crooked panels hanging in your house :)

I used hemming tape instead of a sewing machine. This process was pretty fast, but it still took some time. I think 5+ hours for myself to finish the curtains. But I did make 2 sets of curtains 
(4 panels, 96 inches in length).

You can see how nice the seams look once, ironed.

The finished product! I am loving these curtains, I chose a semi-lighter fabric because I still wanted the light to come in. In reality, these are 'dumby' curtains. Meaning, they don't actually close. I wanted to have curtains to add atmosphere, but knowing me I would never use them to block out light. My living room windows are 72in x 72in each, so to save money, I purchased a fabric with the standard width of 54in and cut it in half (to have 25in panels).Instead of paying over $300 on fabric, I ended up spending only $145.

What do you think? Is it something all newlyweds can do?