Color Inspiration: Pink + Green

I decided to start posting color inspiration photos. The color blocks, shown at the bottom would make a lovely color palette for a wedding, don't you think? A soft hue of pink, matched with pastel greens would be lovely together at a wedding. To also make the wedding 'pop' a little bit, why not add some hot pink color for a little excitement! sounds adorable to me.

This photo was taken on my vacation in Korea. I absolutely love this photograph, and am quite proud of that fact that I shot it! all by myself! :)

Lavender and Teal Color Inspiration

Source: Design Seeds
 I found this photo online, and simply fell in love! I adore the purples, blues, pinks and greens represented in this photo, and love even more that a color wheel/inspiration guide that Design Seeds added to the photo. I decided to gather a few color inspiration photos based on this beautiful field of flowers. Enjoy!

Source: Kirsten Dunst in Vogue Photo Spread
Source: Alex Beadon Photography
Source: Unknown, found here.
Source: Cake Events
Source: Carla Ten Eyck Photography
Source: Stephanie Karen Photography
Source: Fancy Pants Parties
Source: Ashley Rose Photography
Source: Sweet Sensations
Source: Stephanie Williams Photography

Yellow and Gray Wedding

Oh how I love the colors of yellow and gray, especially when these colors are paired together. I originally wanted my wedding colors to be yellow and gray, and then thought to myself that people think of me as 'pink' and the hotel has pink as their accent color, so I will just go with pink. Maybe for my 2nd wedding I will do the colors yellow and gray. hehe...

Source: Sweet Little Photographs
Source: Stephanie Williams Photography
Source: For the Day Designs
Source: Nina Cecilia Creative Spark
Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown
Sourc: KaLice Events
Source: Design Sponge
Happy Wedding!

Paint Chip Inspiration

Source: You Are My Fav

You can get inspiration anywhere, one of my favorite places to get inspiration is at the local hardware store. By using paint chips, you can get color inspiration for your wedding. This is a great trick. Here you will have all the colors of the rainbow at the tips of your fingers, where you can see exactly the color that represents your wedding day. Do you think your wedding is represents a red and blue wedding day? Or is your wedding gray and yellow?

Here are a few other ideas that may inspire you to go to the hardware store today.

Source: Digital Mom Blog
Source: Hey Gorg!
Source: How About Orange?
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: Once Wed
Source: Quite Like It

Sunny Side Up Flowers

Yellow is Happy, Yellow is Joy, Yellow is everything that says delight. Here are a few photos I posted a few weeks ago on Wedding Wedding that shows off all the joys and delight in Yellow Floral Arrangements. Enjoy!

Source: Stephanie Williams Photography

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Source: Ashley's Bride Guide

Source: Four Winds Weddings

Source: Jen Huang Photography

Happy Weddings :)

Wedding Outfits: Inspiration

I tend to heart/admire many wedding items on Etsy. I don't know whether it's because it just appeals to me, or whether it inspires my wedding shop's product line. Either way, I know that I am not planning a wedding, so I find it rather funny. I gathered some of my favorite things on Etsy, to create some inspiration boards. Even though, I'm not planning a wedding, I think I still want to get all of these things!

Kateszabone (Raw Cut Diamond Ring) 
Longbarn Mercantile (Chalk Board)
The Peppermint Pretty (Wedding Dress)

Carol Hannah (Violet Dress)
Jean Jean Vintage (JFK Locket)
Which Goose (Mini Purse Necklace)
oOlive (Flower Ruffles Dress) 

Apple & Ivy (Shoe Clips)
Dear Golden (Blue Berry Hat)
Amor Dress (White Dress)
Honey Tree (Art Print)

Happy Wedding :)

Poppy Red, Mustard Yellow, And Kelly Green

I was wondering about ways to make weddings more interesting with color. Then, I thought about it. Most couples insist on having only 1 color to accent their wedding. What if you were going to pick 3 colors for your wedding? After you see these inspiration photos, you just might decide on having the colors of poppy red, mustard yellow and kelly green for your wedding.

Source: The Antique Door
Source: Touch of Europe
Source: Mackenzie Pages
Source: My Sweet and Saucy
Source: Shannon Gail
Source: Where To Get Engaged
Source: The Antique Door
Source: Charley Star Photography

Wedding Showcase: Michele + Martin's Wedding

Name: Michele
Husband's Name: Martin
Occupation: Accounting
Date of Wedding: September 4, 2010
Photographer: Silva Stills & Cinema
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: My Best Friends Wedding & Hangover  

Inspiration for your Wedding: My husband-to-be found a wedding shot by Jasmine Star Photography that we immediately loved. It was modern and edgy; yet, very personal at the same time. We took bits and pieces of that wedding & added our own special touches to make it our own.

What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve: My colors were eggplant purple, charcoal gray and touches of fuschia. I wanted my wedding to look timeless and classic. I had the groomsmen dress in blacks & grays and my bridesmaids wore dark purple and grays. The last thing I wanted was to look back at my wedding pictures and have them seem dated.

Any DIY projects, you loved the most?
We completely designed our own wedding programs using Adobe. It was a bit time consuming but when it came time to assemble the entire program, we had a few friends come over for some beers and form an assembly line. We designated someone to cut the ribbon, add the bubbles and tie the bows. It was hilarious watching the guys trying to tie the perfect little bows with their clumsy fingers!

Any Bridezilla moments while the planning process? We had originally booked our wedding venue for Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010. Being Labor Day weekend, we thought a Sunday wedding would be perfect for our many out of town guests who could travel on a Saturday instead of requesting time off from work on Friday. However, after some kind of mix up with the venues calendar, that date somehow got double booked with another couples wedding. The other couple refused to change their wedding date which left us no other choice but to change ours. After my initial freak out which included a few tears during work and a ton of phone calls to my fiance and the venue, we decided to change our wedding date to Saturday, Sept. 4th instead.

But according to one of my bridesmaids, I was far from being or having any bridezilla moments. And she said you can quote her on that. (Michelle Pham) =P

 Thoughts on the final outcome? Although it was a bit stressful at times, I had a blast planning our wedding! We wanted it to not only be a celebration of our union but also a time to reflect on the wonderful people we had in our lives. We may have forgotten a few details here and there during the big day, but no one knows except us and I couldn't have asked for more of a perfect day.

Special Thanks to Michele and Martin for sharing their wedding with us!

A Pop Of Hot Pink

Source: Sara Yates Photography via Paratinovia

I am loving the color hot pink in weddings. Many brides are opting on using this brightly colored hue as there wedding color. Hot pink is a terrific color in weddings, this color is updating the traditional pink wedding into a modern, and playful affair. Hot pink weddings just scream FUN! Hot pink and easily be translated that is loud, fun and just says party!

Source: Sara Yates Photography via Paratinovia

For more hot pink wedding decor ideas, please go to my original post written for the blog: Wedding Window.
Happy Wedding :)