Wedding Outfits: Inspiration

I tend to heart/admire many wedding items on Etsy. I don't know whether it's because it just appeals to me, or whether it inspires my wedding shop's product line. Either way, I know that I am not planning a wedding, so I find it rather funny. I gathered some of my favorite things on Etsy, to create some inspiration boards. Even though, I'm not planning a wedding, I think I still want to get all of these things!

Kateszabone (Raw Cut Diamond Ring) 
Longbarn Mercantile (Chalk Board)
The Peppermint Pretty (Wedding Dress)

Carol Hannah (Violet Dress)
Jean Jean Vintage (JFK Locket)
Which Goose (Mini Purse Necklace)
oOlive (Flower Ruffles Dress) 

Apple & Ivy (Shoe Clips)
Dear Golden (Blue Berry Hat)
Amor Dress (White Dress)
Honey Tree (Art Print)

Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Dresses and Sweet Sweaters

I saw this  Keira Knightley wedding photo shoot online. I must say, I absolutely love the styling of this shoot. I love the blue wedding dress, simply adore the wedding day sweater! If you love the blue wedding dress, its quite unbelievably easy to find. I didn't think t would be. Just look below to see:

Source: My San Francisco Budget Wedding

Source: Natural Bride

Source: Dress Tutor

Source: Wedding High

I must say, wearing a sweater on your wedding day is just about the cutest think a bride can do. 
What do you think?

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: The Bride Hair Stylist

Source: The Bride Hair Stylist

Source: Ruffled Blog

Source: The Bride Hair Stylist

Happy Wedding :)