1 Year Anniversary

Today is our blog's 1 year anniversary. A lot of things changed since my first official blog post. This blog as been great this past year and so much fun! I only hope our blog continues to grow with more creative posts.

This year we also started our Etsy Shop, and we hit our 100 sale earlier this month! This past few months, we started to design a online shop away from Etsy, and we its at a point where I am proud of the direction it's heading. I may change the header/ to add a little bit of color to it. Here's our shop so far:

We also started to design a shop for all of our Business products, the brand is called 'My I.D. It.' This shop will sale business awards and other home goods, for the consumer.

New Look for A New Year!

Hello 2012,

I've decided to update the look of the blog for the new 2012 year. After trying to figure out a design for my Storenvy Shop, I realized that I was trying too hard, I've kept trying to design something that was ultra girlie, and on the busy side. I decided to go back to my roots on the design, and to go with something I love best, a good, old black and white design scheme. I changed the 'Wedding Day Tree' logo to look more like wedding Calligraphy, and liked it so much, I updated the blog as well.
What do you think? Do you like the new updated look?

Blog Update:

Some my notice that I have added some new side buttons to the right column navi.  I'm just trying mix things up and expand the blog. "Eat and Be Merry" will be a showcase all the recipes I have/will post in the future, and "Newlywed Home" will showcase all the small do-it-yourself projects I do around the house in my free time. Since I don't want the blog to only be about weddings, I thought this was a nice edition to the blog. What do you think?

Blog Update:

Thank goodness it's Friday!!! This week has been killer. I have been working way too much overtime at my Office Design job, and it's not leaving me enough time to rest and relax. And to top of it all, I've been feeling under the weather.... but since I have been exhausted from working the long hours, I seem to not concentrate on how sick I am feeling; I just seem to be forgetful and I'm making a ton of small errors, even spelling words as easy as 'the' (I spelled it as 'he') it's embarrassing!  Okie, enough of the pity party.

I have though, been making time for an all week Grey's Anatomy marathon (I started again at Season 1, when the show was actually good! heheh). While watching Grey's Anatomy, I have been slowing working on updating the blog. I took some screen shots from on iPhone. How do you like it? I aided in the help of Ironwood Design Studios to turn my blog into a 3 column blog. Rachel from Ironwood, is great! She did exactly what I wanted and more! I highly recommend.

After Rachel did the programing, I got started on designing the side columns, I designed a new Wedding Showcase Slider, along with new buttons, and added 'Inspired By' links. How does it look?

Hello Friday!

I'm so excited its finally Friday! Husband is on a long holiday overseas in Korea, so I get plenty of time to get things done while he is away! heheh... This weekend (hopefully I don't have to go to the office this weekend) I have to finish my Halloween costume which I making myself... I may tweet about it... Its not really wedding oriented, so I'm not sure if I will blog about it. Also, I want to update the blog as you can see. No major changes, just reorganizing my side buttons and etc... I also want to work on a DIY project for the blog this weekend. Lets hope all my goals get done! Cheers! And have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Happy Friday: Updated Blog!

So I finally decided on which option from Wednesday's post to use. I went for the classic vintage frames to show off the weddings that showcased Wedding Day Tree. I embellished each couple's frame with a canvas ribbon, which had 2 color schemes to make a pattern. What do you think?

I also went a little crazy and updated the Appreciation Photos page, and the DIY Resources page. On the Appreciation Photos page, each customer's photos is displayed in a vintage photo frame with a hand-written script typeface to display the thank you notes.

On the DIY Resource page, I had a no fuss no muss design approach to it. I didn't want anything to distract from all the different designs available at the blog.

So that's it... hope readers like it! Happy Friday!

Blog Update:

Option: 1

Option: 2

I am currently designing a "Wedding Showcase" web page, to link to the 'real weddings' side button. At first, I wanted to use a square grid and decided to use vintage photo frames (option 1) to display each wedding. After I finished, I decided that the square grid seemed too busy and I went to a new direction of design. I think that the design is kinda repetitive, with the Etsy Shop icons on the right side of the screen.

The second option is of canvas textured ribbon and actual picture frames (which also goes with the 'real weddings' side button. I still have to decide which layout I like the best, but what do you think? Do you like (option 1) or (option 2)? 

Blog Update:

This past has been jam packed with work! I've been super busy at the office (my full time job as an graphic designer) and have been busy with my Etsy life. Thankfully the weekend came (hurray!) and then it left! (darn) Now it's back to work...

The photo above is just because I updated the blog layout again. :) I keep debating my blog design on how I showed layout my side bar. I finally decided on what to do: Use Giant Icons to link to our Facebook Fan Page & Twitter, etc... I also added in the our followers again.. What do you think?

I am also working on an Etsy Job to make a Wedding Sign. What do you think? Which option do you like? I am liking option #2. Can you choose which option, even though I designed all of them? LOL... It's like I would show an option I didn't like....

Happy Wedding :)