Hipstamatic Stripes

I have a great fascination for black and white. I love the idea of black and white weddings and parties. Here are a few images of a new idea of what black and white means to me. Black and white to me is always modern, hip and cool. It is always different and always stands out from the crowd. Enjoy!

Source: Simple Splendor Photography
Source: Cecil Barton Photography
Yes, that's Audrey!

Source: Paige Winn Photo
Source: Yellow Cake
Source: 100 Layer Cake

Rorschach Inspired, Ink Blots

I find Rorschach Ink Blot tests very interesting! I doubt anyone would want to find inspiration for their wedding in ink blots, but what about a dinner party? Ink blots would make a lovely design element to a sophisticated black and white dinner party, and even in interior design. Much like a Rorschach test, how do you see these designs fit into your life?
Source: Society 6
I see my pup's face in this ink blot, what about you?
Source: Anthropologie
Source: Culture Label
Source: Saatchi Store

Source: Rachel Rose
Source: Sandrevertson

Source: Herman Miller
Source: Pigeon Toe
Source: MCA Store Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Source: Stampington
Okie, I definitely see a wedding dress in this one! Happy Wedding :)

Chalk Board Love

Source: Dirtsa Studio

This Tree Hanging landed in my Favorites in Etsy today. Can you blame me? It's a beauty! It inspired me to gather a few chalkboard ideas that are pretty cool for a black and white themed wedding or for a dinner party. Take a look and get inspired today.

Source: Simple Splendor Photography
Source: Indy Getting Hitched

This is a good idea for any photo booth! I think its great! Think about asking the guest a question when when taking photos and having them write their answer on the chalkboard. 
Question: How many miles did you travel to witness the happy couple get married?

Found on: Pin Interest
Source: Sarah K Chen Photography
Source: Pocketful of Dreams
This is so cool, someone has to come up with a way to incorporate this chalk board globe into a wedding. Maybe a destination wedding? Or a going away party?
Source: Event Design Shop
Source: Hip Hostess
Source: Ruthi Auda
Love these bottles!

Paint Chip Inspiration

Source: You Are My Fav

You can get inspiration anywhere, one of my favorite places to get inspiration is at the local hardware store. By using paint chips, you can get color inspiration for your wedding. This is a great trick. Here you will have all the colors of the rainbow at the tips of your fingers, where you can see exactly the color that represents your wedding day. Do you think your wedding is represents a red and blue wedding day? Or is your wedding gray and yellow?

Here are a few other ideas that may inspire you to go to the hardware store today.

Source: Digital Mom Blog
Source: Hey Gorg!
Source: How About Orange?
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: My Hands Made It
Source: Once Wed
Source: Quite Like It

silly rabbit Trix are for kids

It seems, as a graphic designer who works in a office setting, one must do the occasional graphic design job for fellow coworkers and employers. I don't mind of course! This particular job, was for invitations to a charity even that the president's wife (of my company) was hosting.

I think it turned out quite well! The event is for a afternoon of playing the card game 'Bridge', in honor of Parkinson's Disease & Research. Being that the event was going to be a card game, I used the white rabbit from 'Alice In Wonderland.' with a classic black and white damask accents... What do you think? Cute?

Any how, I designed these invitations at work, however due to our busy schedule, I didn't have time do the production work. I found this website 123 Print. com and printed the Invitations & RSVP's on linen paper. This is such a good idea! Anyone and print their own designed invitations from this site, or use their designs as well. You can also think about just having the main insert to be printed, and then making your own cardstock backing, and even add some ribbon to your invites!