Shopping for a wedding dress

This past weekend, my friend Charissa (newly engaged!) came down to visit for the weekend. While she was here we went to back to back, Bridal Salon appointments. Shopping for a wedding dress is just about the best day ever (even if its not for yourself)! I know that some girls don't like to shop for wedding dresses, but lets be honest. If you are reading a wedding inspiration blog, you're probably not one of those girls. heheh...

Anyhow, we were able to take photos at two of the bridal salons, so here we go:

We went to a Bridal Salon is called

Lovely Bride

, in West Hollywood. Its such a cute store, if any bride is in the LA area, I suggest you go there. Run Now! hehe.. Below are some photos of the shop. This shop makes me want to get married all over again, just so I can buy another wedding dress!

We also went to

J. Crew

in Los Angeles, to try on more wedding dresses of course! Having J. Crew Wedding dress just spells Charissa in every way. If any brides are looking at J. Crew for the wedding dress solutions, but wish to try on the dress before deciding, I suggest purchasing the dress to try it on. You can order their wedding dresses online, and it ships within just a few days.  J. Crew dresses really do look quite lovely in real life.

(all photos were taken on my iPhone)

Honey Moon Attire #1

I thought with all the talk about weddings, brides would like a distraction from all the stress, planning and budget problems that come with planning a wedding. One of the best ways to distract yourself from wedding day woes is with retail therapy! I thought we should start a new blog topic, this will be called 'Honeymoon Attire.' This topic will be full of goods that newlyweds everywhere can wear on their honeymoon! Us girls, get so involved in planning the big day, we forget that we also have to pack for the honeymoon. Instead of throwing whatever clean laundry we have into our luggage, lets spend some time to relax and shop. All of these lovely items are on my wish list of things to buy.