Shopping for a wedding dress

This past weekend, my friend Charissa (newly engaged!) came down to visit for the weekend. While she was here we went to back to back, Bridal Salon appointments. Shopping for a wedding dress is just about the best day ever (even if its not for yourself)! I know that some girls don't like to shop for wedding dresses, but lets be honest. If you are reading a wedding inspiration blog, you're probably not one of those girls. heheh...

Anyhow, we were able to take photos at two of the bridal salons, so here we go:

We went to a Bridal Salon is called

Lovely Bride

, in West Hollywood. Its such a cute store, if any bride is in the LA area, I suggest you go there. Run Now! hehe.. Below are some photos of the shop. This shop makes me want to get married all over again, just so I can buy another wedding dress!

We also went to

J. Crew

in Los Angeles, to try on more wedding dresses of course! Having J. Crew Wedding dress just spells Charissa in every way. If any brides are looking at J. Crew for the wedding dress solutions, but wish to try on the dress before deciding, I suggest purchasing the dress to try it on. You can order their wedding dresses online, and it ships within just a few days.  J. Crew dresses really do look quite lovely in real life.

(all photos were taken on my iPhone)

Anthropologie: Love at First Sight

Every bride loves Anthropologie, well lets be honest (even non brides love Anthro!!!) Brides can love Anthropologie even more when you take a peek of these lovely dresses from their wedding line: Bhldn It's so dreamy and has a period time statement to them. Meaning, these dresses look like they are from another time, don't you think?

All of these beautiful items are from Anthropologie's Wedding line: Bhldn

When to Say Yes to the Dress

Source: Magpie Jewellery

Recently, I'd had written a blog post on Wedding Window Blog on the topic of knowing when to stop shopping for a wedding dress. This is a very a hard step to do for many brides. Brides tend to over think and obsess about their wedding dress (even if they already purchased a wedding dress, brides still continue to shop). I think that the no. 1 reason why brides have trouble stopping is that all brides want to find that 'perfect' wedding dress. And no. 2, it's just so dang fun! From experience, when I was planning my wedding I had trouble not looking at wedding dresses in magazines, because I always thought that I could have a better dress. I made a point to try to remember that the dresses in wedding magazines would be out of my budget, and forced myself to stop wondering. After the wedding, I was most happy with my dress and it was as lovely as when I first tried it on at the bridal salon. To see pictures of my wedding dress, refer to my own Wedding Showcase.

Happy Wedding :)

Wedding Bells and Belts

I love accessories! Especially for weddings, for my wedding (shown above) I decided to wear a champagne colored silk sash. I thought this to be simple, sweet, and just the right amount of color to add to my monochromatic color scheme of a white and black wedding. However as a bride (or ex-bride) who still has a desire to plan weddings, I like to think of all the different ways I can accessorize a wedding dress. Should you add flowers? A rhinestone studded belt? or add something with color? Here are a few ways to accessorize your wedding:

A Black Velvet Belt? So beautiful! Should I have worn a black belt for my black and white wedding? Too dangerous of a question to answer.

A Leather belt and a wedding dress? Dreams do come true! I absolutely love it :)

Source: Cccl's Knees Bees

Leather belts and white dresses may be a new trend... I must find more inspiration images for fancy dresses and leather belts...

This belt is so gorgeous, don't you think? I believe it has a lovely vintage quality.

Even better! Good sparkles and Leather!

Source: Modern Trouseau

This belt is so elegant!!! Love it!

If you like the idea of belts on your wedding day, what about having your bridesmaids wear belts too! I think I should have of done this idea......

Happy Wedding :)

Vintage White

I am addicted to finding Vintage white dresses at the moment.. I secretly wish i could have another, wedding just so I can play dress up again... hehhe... Wearing a vintage wedding dress is a lovely idea for your wedding. Think about it, its cost effective, something old already, and the dress has a story to tell.. If wearing a vintage wedding dress on our wedding day isn't your thing, try wearing a vintage white dress for a wedding event, maybe a bridal shower or a engagement party? Possibilities are endless...

All of these beauties can easily be purchased from Etsy, and prices? Practically a steal…

Happy Wedding :)