Wedding Paintings

I was looking online at a few memorable paintings for fun. Then I realize, that the topic of marriage/weddings come up quite frequently in art. Is this because people are fascinated topic? Or because we have been obsessed with the topic ever since Adam and Eve? 

What ever the reason is, there are many notable paintings in our past that have graced our world. Here are two paintings I remember when I studied art history.

Artist: Jan van Eyck via The Masterpiece Cards
This is a wedding portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife, Giovanna Cenami (15th century). It is said that the artist painted his own reflection in the mirror. And even though the bride cinching for dress above her stomach assuming pregnancy, it does not, it was intended to emphasize fertility.

Artist: Frida Kahlo via Jenny's Noodle
This wedding portrait (19th century) is of two artists of whom for both famously married. Diego Rivera's and Frida Kahlo's wedding painting is of course painted by Frida herself. Frida's mother said it was the marriage of an elephant and a dove... I tend to agree.

Here are a few more wedding portraits:

Source: Cae2k

Source: Sherry Web
Source: Cae2k

Source: Artistic Soup

Source: Cae2k

I love art history. I almost minored in it while I was studying Graphic Design in college. It is easy to take for granted the technical and creative labor that goes into a work of art like this. Would I ever be able to paint like this? Probably not. But I do think about learning more about art history. There are times that I have looked at online courses to gain more knowledge for myself. Before I use to think online education courses were only for suited to technical degree programs, I am surprised to see all the creative fields that are within our reach. If you were going to take a online course or get a degree, which subject would you study?