Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a very long time away from blogging. I'll get back to blogging in the new year, until then, here are a few photos from our little Christmas festivities at our home. This year, we're starting a new tradition on decorating our Christmas tree. With each new year that passes, we are going to make a new animal ornament. So in 20 years, our Christmas tree will be a zoo! Here are a few photos, of our first few ornaments.

Every year, we also make an annual Christmas card to give out to our family and friends. This year we displayed our first 3 years of marriage on the mantle of the fireplace. This year's Christmas card was a Scratcher's lottery themed. So everyone could play and win for the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Sweetest Thing: Modern Luxe Events

I recently wrote about Modern Luxe Events on Wedding Window, but this Etsy Store is so great + sweet + lovely, I had to post about it again. This shop sells fondant flowers and other cake decorating items, how great is that??? Hehe.. I can't wait to plan/organize a special party event, just so I can order all the little treats from this shop! I think it's a great idea. It kinda makes a unprofessional/untalented cake decorator like myself, look great. What do you think?

Happy Wedding :)

All Images are taken from Modern Luxe Events Etsy Shop