Wedding Showcase: Jordan + Jame's Engagement Shoot

Some of you may remember the 'Season of Love' post, I wrote a few months ago. This couple's engagement has made me most excited, because Jordan is my cousin! I just love weddings, especially when its a wedding of a dear loved one. I really am just counting down the days to the wedding along with the bride and groom.

James and Jordan met while studying at Santa Clara University Law School, which is pretty adorable, that they're both lawyers! It's funny though, because James and Jordan actually went to the UC Berkeley for their undergraduate program as well. However the two love birds didn't meet until they attended law school. In a few months I get to attend Jordan's Bridal Shower, it's a garden party themed shower, which is just about all the fun that a wedding blogger can have! Am I right? Pretty darn excited.

Beautiful and lovely photos are from: Melanie Duerkopp Photography