Happy Life to Melissa + Kevin!

Okie, you got me. If you ever happen to meet me in real life, I'm not a romantic kind of girl. In my every day life, I'm more of practical in love and in life. I actually not the type of girl to do girl talk, talk about true love, and all the gross stuff... I'm not even the type of girl who believes in true love. I think a couple has to work hard at their relationship to make it work, no matter kind of relationship people have. However, that being said. I am the kind or girl, who cries at weddings, and find it very endearing to hear about engagements and weddings and people finding their mate in life. I know, I'm a oxymoron.

Months ago, I had a client, who asked me to make them a custom sign. (See Photos above). The client, Melissa had messaged me to make a custom sign to hang on top of their doorway. The sign turned out so well, my husband Daniel, wanted to make one for  his parents as a gift! hehe..

Fast forward to today, and I'm happy to say that Melissa message me with her and her husband's wedding video! This wedding video was just about the sweetest thing to ever see, and it really just brightened up my whole week. Take a peek, to see for yourself!

Thank you Melissa and Kevin for messaging me about your happy ending!
This gorgeous video was created by: Hoo Films