Valentine's Day Brownies

I thought, I might put together a quick and easy Valentines Day treat to inspire you. I really didn't have anytime for baking this weekend, so I took out some brownie mix (from the box) and my heart shaped cake pan and got started on some baking. 

Just for fun, I decided to add a little Rum flavored emulsion (from this post). I added only little bit (1/4 teaspoon - but I think you should add more for flavoring).

After you watch these beauties bake, you can serve them 2 ways.

First way, is to sprinkle a little powdered sugar (use a shifter) on top. I kinda just caked my powdered sugar on. A little too much, but oh well.

The second way, is to cut the heart shaped brownie in half, and spread some butter cream in the center (to make a brownie sandwich.) I made some Strawberry Butter Cream for this.

Strawberry Butter Cream:
4 oz Unsalted Butter
9 oz Powdered Sugar
3-4 oz Strawberry Jam

Whip butter, add powdered sugar & jam, and whip again.
Yes, its that easy!

(The last photo, I took with my iPhone)

I packaged them with pink cupcake liners, and used my new stamp to mark the cake box. Think about baking these treats for your Valentine as a sweet gesture. This can also be a lovely edition to a bridal shower or any pink themed party. Happy Valentines Day!