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Source: The Sweetest Occasion
Wow... the last week has been so much work! I clocked in 52 hours at the office this week. Gosh, I am tired! This weekend, was a normal weekend, I worked on Etsy orders, watched a movie and ran errands. One of the things we bought this weekend, was a toaster oven. Can I just say, how much I love the toaster oven so far??? I love it! We didn't do any toasting yet, but we made steaks for dinner and cookies for dessert! Best appliance next to my Kitchen Aid Mixer. If there are any brides and grooms out there, I suggest you register for one.

A funny thing happened to me this weekend, I ordered a skirt from Gap online and received it in the mail this weekend. I went to try the skirt on and noticed that the zipper clip/seam threads were loose, like someone had worn it before/maybe even returned it. After trying it on i notice something was in the pocket, i pulled it out and found $20 bucks! How awesome is that! Heheh... So now I'm going to return the skirt and keep the $20. Everything always works out.

I'm showing a image of macaroons today because last week, I worked a 13 hour day, and at the end of it I was still in a good mood. I asked myself 'why am I in such a chipper mood, I got home from work at 10:30pm at night?' And I realized it was because I started off my day with a eating a macaron! hehe.. In my opinion every day should begin and end with eating a macaroon. Smart right?

 Happy Monday!