4 Sisters Bakery

As a gift to my sisters, I made them each a '4 Sisters Bakery' stamp.  Here's the story:

My sisters (I have 3 sisters!) and I love to bake, some of us more then others, but never the less, we love it. My Oldest sister is the best baker ever! We use to say that she should open up a bakery, but it would be way too much work...  During the holidays we all get together and we all bake; years ago, my cousin Danni of Oh Hello Friend had said to us that we should open up a bakery called '4 Sisters Bakery.'

We used our Laser Engraving machine to make the stamps. This will be the only time we will make custom stamps, unless we buy more expensive equipment (and that's going to be a very long time ---- or maybe soon if we win the lottery!) I actually hope we do get the equipment we need someday, because it was just so much fun making my own stamps! Think of all the creative designs I can make?

I designed the stamps for each of my sisters have have. I hope they love them, because it I do.

Recently,  I used the stamp to add label on some oranged flavored madeleines, I  for a neighbor. Cute, right?