Photo Inspiration: Fireworks

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Happy New Years Everyone!

I cannot wait to see what the 2012 year brings us! All I know is that I want to live a happy and healthy life with my husband and the pups and with family and friends. This coming year, my short term goals are to get Lasik (in the very near future), buy a new shelving unit for my living room (I'm already counting my pennies), working on the Store Envy shop(s) and blog, planning a weekend vacation with my hubby, losing weight *cough *cough and developing new product for the shop.

Oh yes, I also have 2 weddings planned for attendance, one in San Jose area, and the other in Napa Valley. So their will be a wedding - road trip in this year as well. I don't mind of course, because I adore weddings! And that being a guest at a wedding is so much more fun then planning the wedding. hehehe...

I hope everyone can enjoy their weekend! Before I start mine, we have to finish up our 5 Etsy Shop orders in waiting, and then I can have my new years weekend full of playing the board game Monopoly, doing a puzzle I got as a white elephant gift in 2010, watching American Horror Story and baking Macaroons! But of course that is what I want to do for my weekend. What I will most likely end up doing is working on Etsy, and the Storenvy shop. Whatever happens, I hope I fit in time to go watch the Rose Parade (since I live on the parade route) and I hope to clean up the house.

Good Bye 2011! We had a lovely time together.