Rorschach Inspired, Ink Blots

I find Rorschach Ink Blot tests very interesting! I doubt anyone would want to find inspiration for their wedding in ink blots, but what about a dinner party? Ink blots would make a lovely design element to a sophisticated black and white dinner party, and even in interior design. Much like a Rorschach test, how do you see these designs fit into your life?
Source: Society 6
I see my pup's face in this ink blot, what about you?
Source: Anthropologie
Source: Culture Label
Source: Saatchi Store

Source: Rachel Rose
Source: Sandrevertson

Source: Herman Miller
Source: Pigeon Toe
Source: MCA Store Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Source: Stampington
Okie, I definitely see a wedding dress in this one! Happy Wedding :)