Blog Update:

Thank goodness it's Friday!!! This week has been killer. I have been working way too much overtime at my Office Design job, and it's not leaving me enough time to rest and relax. And to top of it all, I've been feeling under the weather.... but since I have been exhausted from working the long hours, I seem to not concentrate on how sick I am feeling; I just seem to be forgetful and I'm making a ton of small errors, even spelling words as easy as 'the' (I spelled it as 'he') it's embarrassing!  Okie, enough of the pity party.

I have though, been making time for an all week Grey's Anatomy marathon (I started again at Season 1, when the show was actually good! heheh). While watching Grey's Anatomy, I have been slowing working on updating the blog. I took some screen shots from on iPhone. How do you like it? I aided in the help of Ironwood Design Studios to turn my blog into a 3 column blog. Rachel from Ironwood, is great! She did exactly what I wanted and more! I highly recommend.

After Rachel did the programing, I got started on designing the side columns, I designed a new Wedding Showcase Slider, along with new buttons, and added 'Inspired By' links. How does it look?