Life Update:

Seriously, life has been so busy right now! Work has been busy, Etsy has been busy and design life have been busy. This past week I have been busy working at my office design job. I think I racked in 50+ hours this week (thank goodness I'm not on salary and get OT! hehehe). I also have been working on a logo for my manager's boyfriend. He's a photographer, and is starting a website for water influenced photography. Here is the final logo that was chosen:

What do you think of the banner/ logo I designed? Like it? The idea of the logo is suppose to be very streamlined, and very modern, and the background of the banner is a dual design concept; representing photos and or pixels of a photograph and a mosaic of a swimming pool or fountain.

This week has been not so much wedding oriented, but it was filled with design in other aspects of life, this weekend, I also helped out Traveling Bites with their blog design.

Traveling Bites is a travel and foodie based blog, so when I designed a blog layout, I wanted it to be bright white (not to distract from all the food photographs - I hate dark colored blogs and blogs with a lot of clutter). The Banner is meant to be a chalkboard, like in a cafe menu whereas the background is meant to represent subway tile in a kitchen back splash.

Here is also a version with a butcher block background, instead of the white subway tile. I, myself think I like the subway tile, but what do you think? I may be bias though, since I love light and very light neutral colors for blog design. The blog design is not completed yet, but it's getting there. We'll see what comes out as the final design :)

This weekend, I also went to my ZTA sorority's family reunion. It's been 5+ years since I have seen some of these girls, so it was fun and exciting to see everyone. If you aren't knowledgeable about sorority greek life, this wasn't a  sorority chapter reunion, instead it was a 'family' reunion, this means in a sorority, you have groups (or families) in which you belong in, much like a mini clic, in a sorority which is funny because a sorority is already a clic. hehehe... Anyhow, our family is called the "five star family" and it was lovely to see all of my old sorority sisters and exciting to meet some of the newer girls... Here are a few photos of the day. (Nancy, the coordinator said she used all her old sorority craft supplies when she planned and decorated the event... cute right?)

Everyone loves a good buffet! Especially one that is so well decorated!

Red velvet cupcakes? Yes, please! Actually I just licked the frosting :) 
I'm a sucker for good frosting! sooo good...

We created a "Five Star Family Tree." Totally cute.

Sometimes I miss college (that's a lie. I always miss college! I had so much fun, and seemed like my only worries were about tests and homework, not grown up topics like bills, and health care. Oh well, we can't turn back time. But its nice to enjoy the memories once in a while.