Happy Anniversary Dinner

Last week, Daniel and I had our anniversary dinner, as I mention in this post. We had our anniversary dinner at a event called "The Taste of Acadia." Can I just tell you, how great it was? Think of it like a big food fair like in High School, where all the clubs make food to sell to all their fellow students. Instead, all the local restaurants in make food to give out to all the attendees of this event.

The event was held at the The Arboretum which consequently was the location where Daniel and I shot our engagement photos (see photo above). 

Here are a few photos from our Anniversary dinner, I thought I might share with you.

There are lots of peacocks that live in Acadia! Once in a while I see them in residential areas, and on the front lawns of people's homes. Cool huh?

 The food tents where set up outside where there is a well known water fountain for our viewing.

 Dinner was most delicious, I got to pick and choose what I wanted to eat from each booth. 
 (It was awesome!)

But the best part of the evening, was the dessert of course! So Sweet!

Happy Anniversary :)