Newlywed DIY Project: Marimekko Wall Hanging

I love Marrimekko! I have ever since I first laid eyes on this textile 'Kaiku, Maija Louekari'. I think, I have always wanted this textile as a wall hanging for my house. Up until the now, I have had this image as my desktop wallpaper for the last 3 years. I am happy to let readers know that I have fulfilled one of my interior design dreams! I have this hanging in my house! Yippy!

I had purchased a DIY kit from this place. And of course, the indecisive person that I am, I decided to change the location of my wall hanging, which means I had to change the size from being 54 in x 60 in to 44 in x 56 in. ; if I would have had the fore thought  to order my custom sizing from the beginning this project would have been a lot easier than I made it. silly me!

First, I had my dad help me cut the frame to size using a simple 45˚ angled frame. To do this, we used an inexpensive band-saw from Harbor Freight. And when I say inexpensive, I mean cheap! Only $60!
(Make sure to measure twice, cut once and to use a square leveler if you are going to so a similar project at home.)

Next, I used a frame clamp and wood glue to adhere the ends together. The frame clamp ensures that I get a perfect 90˚ corner. After the frame dried, I stapled the seams and used a flier to smooth  out the edge.

After the frame was completed, I began to attach the Marimekko textile to it. I made sure to staple the fabric every 2 inches to the frame while holding the fabric taunt. I folded the corners like a Christmas present, making for that folds matched up perfectly with corner of the frame.

Finally, I hung the Marimekko wall hanging! Hurray! Its all mine! (sorry, for the low resolution photo of it hanging on my living room wall - it was taken on my iPhone).