Cherries and Cherry Pits

I recently posted a wedding inspiration post on Wedding Window on something as sweet as cherries. Well, okie... nothing is as sweet as cherries.. I adore cherries, ever since I was a child. I could eat cherries all summer long. Cherries actually remind me of my younger sister. When we for kids, we loved to read this book:

Source: Harper Collins

Can anyone remember this Children's book? Its an adorable story about eating cherries and spitting out the pits. I definitely recommend this for children growing up! Stories like this make me enjoy cherries so much, I wrote a wedding inspiration blog showcasing cherries:

'Think about incorporating one of the season’s finest treats with your wedding. This will surely bring a smile to all your guest’s faces. Cherries can be used as decoration in your floral arrangements, be incorporated in your salad course, and even your wedding cake!' 

Source: David E. Jackson Photography

Source: Millie Holloman Photography

 Happy Wedding :)