What Love Actually Is

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Love Actually is one of my all time favorite movies. (I think I might even watch it today! heheh) I had decided that I loved this movie the first time I watched the movie, at its opening scene, actually. If you don't remember, there is a couple in the beginning where the groom surprises his bride on their wedding
day with having guests play 'All You Need is Love' with musical instruments.

I had a thought: What if grooms really did this loving gesture in real life? I wrote about this idea a few weeks ago on Wedding Window:  

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'The scene is of Juliet & Peter’s wedding ceremony. Mark (the best man) surprises the happy couple by planning a live performance of The Beatles song “All You Need is Love.” During this grand gesture, some of the guests surprise everyone by popping up with instruments and playing along with the song. This is one of the most magical things that I think could happen at a wedding, such a grand gesture is surely a symbol of love and would certainly surprise unsuspecting wedding guests!'

Source: Toutlecine

Happy Wedding :)