Engagement Session in France: Mireen + Markus

Bride: Mireen
Groom: Markus
Occupation: Photographer and Student
Date of Wedding: 08/02/11
Location: The engagement shoot was in the Provence, France
Photographer: Jose Villa 

The Engagement Story
We did a small vacation trip in New York. We both knew we wanted to get married, so Markus and I decided to buy the ring there. He really wanted me to have the ring of my dreams, so we both looked for one together. We found one :-) and he was carrying this ring for a few more days with him and I was waiting when he would propose. 

Finally, on the 6th of January (It was crazy hot! 68 Fahrenheit in January!!!) We were on the famous Bow Bridge in the Central Park where he asked me to marry him. We were really happy and went out for dinner to the Rockefeller Center for dancing and awesome food. For us, it was the perfect day. :-) 

Markus did not get down on one knee when he proposed and I always told him he had to do it before we get married. After 4 years being engaged, we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic and on our last day there, he asked me to go to the beach (early in the morning). I didn't want to go because it was raining really heavy but he really wanted to go. So we did. We arrived at the beach and the sun came out and we saw a beautiful sunrise and he finally got down on his knee to ask me again. Now, we are getting married within the year :-)

What was your inspiration for your engagement session, and how did you achieve it?  Jose and I are friends and I heard he would be coming to Paris as a photographer for a wedding. I asked him if I could help him because it is not far from Germany were I live. He said yes and he also was planning of having some days off to travel. 

So I ask him if we could explore the south of France and he said yes :-) Markus picked us up from Paris and we traveled to the south. After exploring the area, we decided to do our engagement shoot. I wanted to keep it simple and wanted to have the landscape as main feature in the shoot. So we just drove and stopped were Jose told us to stop. He is so amazing and I trust him. I knew I would love the photographs. Jose, thank you so much for being a great friend and inspiration!!!

 Special Thanks to Mireen + Markus for Sharing their lovely Engagement Photos with us!