Wizard of Oz Wedding

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Most brides and grooms who decide on doing a storybook wedding pick tales such Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. If I had to choose a theme for a wedding that was based off a children’s book, I would create a Wizard of Oz wedding! Not only is the Wizard of Oz is a classic story, its one of the greatest movies of all time. 
(Seriously, I think I watched it like 3 times a day when I was growing up… hehhe…) 
A Wizard of Oz would be the most memorable wedding of all time; can you imagine walking down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ wearing ruby red slippers? Sounds perfect right? You can even tie in some yellow bricks, tin cans and some haystacks to finish off the theme. If thinking of locations for a Oz themed wedding, why not have it at a park (to tie in the emerald green) or even a apple orchid (remember the apple throwing scene when Dorothy meets the Scarecrow?), Enjoy!

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