When to Say Yes to the Dress

Source: Magpie Jewellery

Recently, I'd had written a blog post on Wedding Window Blog on the topic of knowing when to stop shopping for a wedding dress. This is a very a hard step to do for many brides. Brides tend to over think and obsess about their wedding dress (even if they already purchased a wedding dress, brides still continue to shop). I think that the no. 1 reason why brides have trouble stopping is that all brides want to find that 'perfect' wedding dress. And no. 2, it's just so dang fun! From experience, when I was planning my wedding I had trouble not looking at wedding dresses in magazines, because I always thought that I could have a better dress. I made a point to try to remember that the dresses in wedding magazines would be out of my budget, and forced myself to stop wondering. After the wedding, I was most happy with my dress and it was as lovely as when I first tried it on at the bridal salon. To see pictures of my wedding dress, refer to my own Wedding Showcase.

Happy Wedding :)