Wedding Showcase: Jaclyn + Garrett

Bride: Jaclyn Pacheco Rodgers
Groom: Garrett Rodgers
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Date of Wedding: Oct 2nd 2010
Location: CA
Photographer: Rachael Higgins Photography
Favorite Romantic Comedy/Wedding Movie: The Wedding Date, Father of the bride Inspiration for our wedding was romantic and fun for all ages!
What Color Scheme where you trying to achieve? Fall but also my colors were picked because I wanted it to not only be feminine but clean and flowers were a big help in choosing the colors.... 

Any DIY projects, you loved the most? I loved doing the candy bags for the guest and the kids bags were a lot of fun for not only me but my husband and the wishing tree. 

 Any Bridezilla moments while the planning process? Bridezilla only came out once and that was dealing with the suits for the guys...

Thoughts on the final outcome? The final out come was perfect! from the design of dresses to the lanterns and flowers and the food, OVER ALL PRESENTATION OF EVERYTHING WAS BETTER THEN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED! I'm glad were married but I really enjoyed putting together everything and not only having our family enjoy themselves BUT also ALL the guest saying how great it was and how personal it was so bitter sweet....
Are you glad its over?  Its over but I really got a lot of feed back from others who think I should do consulting for not only weddings but baby rooms as well! We're pregos and designing the nursery was just as much fun and very rewarding. 

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and the baby on the way!!! 

Special Thanks to Jaclyn + Garrett on sharing their wedding day with us!