Kleinfeld Bridal Salon

While I was in New York on a short weekend vacation, I stopped by the (oh so envious bridal salon) Kleinfeld Bridal! Although I am already married, I watch 'Say Yes to the Dress' way too much to go to New York without visiting this wonderful store. My sister and I walked to Kleindfeld's Monday morning (the last day of our mini-vacation), which is really a shame, because they are closed on Mondays! oh well, it's not like I could have purchased a wedding gown anyways... hehehe... I had my sister take a few snap shots of me in front of the store front.

In honor of the royal wedding, I think Kleinfield's decorated their store windows in a British Invasion theme. I kinda like it? Don't you? I think they have a retro punk thing going on.... its a little chaotic and classy at the same time.

Happy Wedding :)